World genre hits and cult classics are ready for the premiere of the spectacular Summer Stage of the Tuškanac on this year's 9. Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival! Fantasy, trilogy, fantasy, horror, cult genre, anime, action and adventure all expect visitors from 27. 6. to 7. 7. in a natural oasis Summer Stage Tuškanac!

At the opening of the festival on Thursday, 27. 06. In 21: 30, the Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival brings an exciting adventurous thriller Arctic which is criticized by the world critic for one of the best survival films, and whose title role is interpreted by the famous Danish actor and world star Mads Mikkelsen whose name became synonymous with a successful film.

On Friday, 28. 06. the Fantastic Retro program brings an unforgettable genre of 1984. years Dina's sandy planet directed by the unmistakable David Lynch. The main role is celebrated Kyle MacLachlan, featured by American and European actresses Virginia Madsen, Linda Hunt, Patrick Stewart, Max von Sydow and Jürgen Prochnow, while his most famous film role was celebrated by Sting in Lynch Dini.

Saturday 29. 6. is reserved for the spectacular Swedish postpokalittic SF thriller Unthinkable which brings a story of mysterious attacks on this Scandinavian country as you are expecting another cult classic at the end of the week: on Sunday, 30. 06. we look at the masterpiece of Walter Hilla Ratnici podzemljawhich this year marks the 40 anniversary.

Speaking at a press conference, director of the FZFF Stjepan Hundić emphasized that this year's festival also offers fantastic world music festivals as well as a cult genre of evergreens. "From the premiere I would have missed the Japanese anime masterpiece of Mirai's great Mamoru Hosode, the Swedish SF space spectacleAniara, American indie retro SF hit Planet of hope (Prospect) and a great documentary Alien: The Origin (Memory: The Origins Of Alien) about the roots of the masterpiece of Ridley Scott Osmi putnik (Alien) from 1979. which we show in Fantastic Retro. Of the other classics this year we are also looking at the revolutionary Terminator James Cameron, they are legendary Gole in the saddle Dennis Hopper, an unforgettable winner Wild horde The same Peckinpaha and the ingenious black comedy Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned not to worry and love the bomb the great Stanley Kubrick, "Hundić said.

"Since when is the 2016 center. took control of the location of the summer stage we are very honored to have each year with other movie contents we also show the movies on the most beautiful open-air cinema brought by the Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival"Said director of the Center for Culture and Film Augusta Cesarca Maja Jurić Ivoš.

Fantastic Zagreb is still the only dog ​​friendly festival: let your dog get you into the natural oasis of the Summer Stage Tuškanac and enjoy movies together because your pet provides free entrance to all projections!