Zagreb's cultural summer scene will enrich this year as a unique manifestation of book promotion and reading of the More Books organized by the Lumen publishing house. The More Book is held for the fifth time in the heart of Zagreb, the Zrinjevac City Park, and will last until 14. July. All interested visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the promotion of new book titles, unique literary encounters, outdoor movie screenings, music dances and numerous other surprises every day from 10 to 24 hours.

The Manifestation of the Sea Book is designed as a combination of art and entertainment that will bring visitors through a two-week event over the 300 title in Croatian and English, which will be available for free in the real summer oasis. The design of this year's most popular beach in the city is re-signed by the internationally acclaimed artist Mario Miše, which turned Zagreb's Zrinjevac Park into the intergalactic beach, thus enabling visitors an unforgettable blend of world books and distant galaxies.

"Every year, the Book of Books strives to complement the many novelties and offer visitors the highest quality program. The duration of this year's event was extended to two weeks to attract more visitors to the world of books and imagination, as well as to provide a good entertainment in the right summer environment. The goal of the book is to promote the reading culture, to encourage people to find the world's book pleasure, and to promote other types of art. Therefore, during the creation of this year's program, we made cooperation and included many Croatian artists from the film, music and visual arts"Said creative director of the Book of Mages Ana Marija Žužul.

In order to encourage love for the book and the youngest ones, the fourth edition of the Book of Mora will host four "Read Me" workshops - a national campaign to promote reading children. In addition, the organizers have also prepared a Lumen Art Event that represents the reading world featured by the eyes of young artists, film screenings in the open, socializing under the stars with Music & Books x DJ Hrwoe and Intergalactic jazz by Harry Gustavson trio.

The most exquisite book of the year - George RR Martin "Fire and Blood"

For all fans of good literature, the launch of the sale of "Fire and Blood" was announced, a novel by the planetary popular writer George RR Martina, author of the song "The Song of Led and the Fire" by which a successful HBO series "Game Throne" was shot. The most anticipated novel of the year is released in the edition of Lumen Publishing, accompanied by rich illustrations of the famous comic bookmaker, designer and illustrator Douga Wheatley. It's a piece where details can be found about it which preceded everything, 300 years before "Games of Throne", when the Western Countries conquered Targaryeni - the most intriguing noble family from Martin's fascinating world. Lovers fantasy the genre and fans of the GOT series will have the chance to find their copy of the novel on the shelves of the Zagreb Arkadia bookstore on Thursday, 4. July at 18 hours. About the topic Why can not we "get off" with Martina? editor Miroslava Vučić, Lumen publishing, will talk with translators Vladimir Cvetkovic Sever and Mark Kovacic, and editors Anom Briški Đirđevac and Sonjom Miličević Vukelic on Friday, 5. July, at 11 hours.

As for new book promotions, visitors to the Book of Mourn will enjoy the novel "Živoliki" Jay Kristoff i "Upload Romanovih" CW Gortner, promotion of scientific books and textbooks "Public Relations Agencies"The author Mirele Holy these books "Television program" a longtime television journalist Damir Matković.