Ribafish, a renowned journalist and blogger this time in the role Domagoja Jakopovića - the boy Roc - decided to continue the adventure of life and to fulfill the promise of a boy who planned to meet and visit all Croatian islands with his father, but the adventure was abruptly abolished in his twelfth year.

The idea for this unique project that wants to link all the inhabited Croatian islands to them fiftyDomagoj got to write a book RokOtok which tells of father (Ernest) and son, who travel together and discover new worlds. When the son is over, the father travels along the coasts that they visit together and tries to communicate with his son through the noise of sea shells. Following the footsteps that his son leaves at sea shores, Ernest will travel all over the world, from Niagara and Zanzibar to Japan, but also to return to Proizda, where he will decide to embark on a swim venture to commemorate his son.


RokOtok knjiga

In the first, this year's stage of this floating-educational adventure that begins with 6. July at the beach Sunset Beach in Dubrovnik, which will be printed at Kolocep, will be visited seventeen inhabited islands. At the end of July it is planned to cross over to Čiovo, the end point of this year's route, and as I say, deviations from the given route are possible only in the event of a disaster.

The plan is foreseen to be a project #RokOtok It lasts for at least three years: in this period, RibaFish will swim to visit fifty inhabited Croatian islands (through three stages), and other activities will be pursued throughout the time to encourage better quality of time for parents with children.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the importance of time spent by parents through sports and learning with children and to develop and encourage children's curiosity, interests and research spirit. And just through games and activities with their parents, they plan to teach children about the cultural and natural heritage of every island they visit.

"The dead is still alive through every good work, crazy adventure, game, quest, passing through the goal I accomplish, for he has taught me how to rejoice, honestly, without hesitation, just as children know. All the curious, playful children of the big heart, sometimes confused, sometimes genuinely lucid, are all for me like my Rocca and I want them, just like once, at least one day in the summer make it unforgettable and fulfilled"Said Domagoj Jakopovic.

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