What a fall it would be without Zagreb Zagreb Burger Festival, this year reinforced by anger by TABASCO®?!
From this one Thursday, 12. all the way to 22. September at Strossmayer Square, pack your T-shirts with last year's patches of sauces and compare them with new burger masters, some famous before, but with new creations and of course, some new ones.

An old, well-known team is headed Mate Janković who this year chefuje u TABASCO® Burger Bar i Marko Palfi who with the team arrives from Cakovec in front Garden Bar & Kitchen, and will be surrounded by boxes, some of which have been voted Best: Burger bar (BBQ Special richly spicy home made BBQ even the 26 ingredients were declared the best by the bloggers, and the audience was silver), Kascha (second by journalist), Reshetka by Đurina Hiža (among the top three by audience and journalist choice), Submarine Burger (their Special was "silver" to bloggers) and our palate will cheer us up too BarBaQ which again comes with its specially designed chimney, Bread Club (delighted by the brilliant bread bowls on Fully). The Stross will also feature American Bar Dollar, Barcode Mitra, Bistro Grill Deno, Brewbites, El Toro, Good Food, Lars & Sven, Maredo Grill, Raclette Burgers & Fries, Rougemarin, Spiro and Torpedo Burgers.

photo: PR Zagreb Burger Festival

A special surprise at the Festival will be the vegan burgers Beyond which, thanks to the dissemination of genetics and the development of high technology in food preparation, have organoleptic properties of true burgers of animal origin. Now (my friend from Bosnia) is rightly wondering why someone who has given up meat wants to watch a burger that looks like it is bleeding and imitating meat, but it is not for us faders to answer that question - I'm sure there will be between 170.000 visitors (so many was last year) sure to find enough of them to answer your question with gusto - and I'll try it, so stay tuned!

Da burgeromanima it would not be boring, the houses will be able to taste colorful pastries with - as the organizers announce - unusual vegetable protein combinations, forest lowland, slightly "alcoholic", as well as burgers that make their eyes sweat. In addition to the burgers, plates and grills will also include some steak dipped in various versions of Kikkoman soy sauces that are made by natural fermentation according to traditional Japanese recipe.

Sugar makers will also come into their own because they will Robert Hromalić i Le Cake for the first time to present their 9 sweet shapes from the autumn offer at the Festival.

photo: facebook Zagreb Burger Festival

Thirsty ears and throats are also not forgotten: except for a good dance music background Adriatic Coastinga, you will be able to bar at craft beer bars of the best breweries in the European Union The Garden Brewerya, drink a fever from your feet in G3 Spirits Whiskey barin, the wrapped edge of the glass with colorful hats in Cocktail Bar Raki & Mangosta or code Marina Nekic's Jamnica Bar, and winegrowers will have wines selected in the glasses Jerusalem of the Ormož.

If one of these two cards is in your wallet, you're in luck because Mastercard® and Maestro® card users get 10% off when making a payment.

For the first day, I will try everything we can, so the exhaustive report will follow as soon as I come to myself.