The City of Zagreb and the Zagreb Holding Company donated a truck for the disposal of waste to the Municipal Company of the City of Imotski, thus once again confirming the excellent cooperation between the two cities.

The Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Milan Bandic, handed over the keys of a used waste disposal vehicle to the representatives of the City of Imotski, led by Mayor Ivan Budalic, in front of the administrative building of the Čistoća branch in Radnička Road.

"I hope this vehicle will serve the city and its utility companies and all Imotski citizens well," said Mayor Bandic.
Thanking the City of Zagreb for the gift that will be of great help to the local utility service, which has had two vehicles of this type so far, Mayor Budalic emphasized that this meeting and handover is a continuation of good cooperation between the two cities.

In addition to the two mayors, the ceremonial handover of the vehicle was attended by the director of the utility company of the City of Imotski, Božena Juroš, and the director of the Purity Branch Jure Leko and the chairman of the Zagreb Holding Board Ana Stojić Deban.