Today they are 17. Mayor Milan Bandic and President of the Croatian Beekeeping Association Zeljko Vrbos inaugurate the Zagreb Honey Days in the main city square.

There is an 421 beekeeper in Zagreb who produces an average of about 21 tons of honey per year from the 000 735 hives, and this year the honey will be up to three times smaller, said Mayor Bandic, and expressed regret that the beekeepers were extremely poor this year. He invited all the citizens of Zagreb to Sunday, 10. In November, they come to Ban Jelacic Square and try and buy bee products from about fifty farms.

This manifestation best promotes beekeeping as an industry branch and presents bee products as the pinnacle of agro-industrial quality in the Republic of Croatia, said HPS President Zeljko Vrbos. This event, he added, is an ideal opportunity for Zagreb residents to supply bee products in the coming winter to preserve health and strengthen immunity. A big thank you to Mayor Bandic - the sponsor of this event since its inception! And let the beekeepers no longer have a bad year like this!

Honey Days in Zagreb. This year's traditional manifestation of Zagreb beekeeping associations was organized by the Croatian Beekeepers Association with the Zagreb Beekeeping Associations and sponsored by the City of Zagreb.