22 hours were introduced into the territory of the Republic of Croatia by 11.003 migrants, and the police closed seven border crossings with Serbia.

As reported by the Ministry of Interior, traffic on the part of the state road 46 is prohibited, from the borderline of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Serbia, at the depth of 700 meters, including the border crossing Tovarnik; state road number 2 from the borderline of the Republic of Croatia with RS at depth of 300 meters including the border crossing zone of Ilok, the local road 46039 from the borderline of the Republic of Croatia with RS at depth of 300 meters, including the border crossing zone Ilok2, county road no 4199 of the border RH line from RS at depth of 300 meters including the border crossing area of ​​Principovac, the local road n 46040 from the RS borderline RS with 300 meters depth, including the Principle2 border crossing area and 212 state road from the RS borderline with RS at 500 depth meters, including the area of ​​the Batina border crossing and the state road 213 from the RS borderline with RS at depths of 500 meters including the Erdut border crossing zone.

These measures have been applied periodically since the afternoon hours, and are currently in operation and in effect until further notice, the MUP states.

Ostojic: the station in Tovarnik will be cleared

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić said he expects the station in Tovarnik to be cleared tonight, and refugee trains will go to Beli Manastir where conditions for more than two thousand people are provided.

Ostojic said in an HTV show "Openly" that Slovenia has a fair exchange with Slovenia. "Slovenia has, by conditionality, closed the border to Hungary yesterday, because they had a refugee from that side, but that did not happen to Croatia," he added.

He explained that there were attempts by people registered in Croatia and could not be returned to Serbia to enter Slovenia but, he noted, they did not go through corn or forest rather than train. Slovenian police have stopped the train, are in the Age, and according to their procedure can be issued a decision on return, according to which Croatia should receive them back, he noted.

At the Zagreb Fair in the evening, the first bus arrived with slightly more than a 50 refugee, most likely from Ježeva, where water and dry meals were prepared for them and it is expected to continue to arrive during the night.

It is assumed that following the rally on Friday, the road to Slovenia and Western Europe, which has its ultimate goal, will continue, and during the day they will gather at a smaller number at the Zagreb Main Station, trying to get to Slovenia, HTV reported.

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic earlier informed that Velesajam can receive 1200 refugees for the time being, and another pavilion is being prepared for their accommodation. For refugees, several thousand bottles of water, dry meals, mattresses, sanitary niches were prepared.

According to the Emergency Management Office's data, for the possible accommodation of migrants in standby mode, the Access Point Kosnica can be accommodated by 50 persons, Hotel Porin, 600 asylum seekers, and Institution for Sport Facility Management, with two halls for around 800 persons.

The Refugee Trail from the rebel area sometime after the 19 hours arrived at Beli Manastir, where they are now about two thousand, which is more than expected.

Soon, the arrival of the second train in Beli Manastir is expected. According to the order of the MUP, the third train (11 wagon) will leave from Vinkovci refugees to Tovarnik around 23.30 hours.

Mayor Doboj's Bishop Ivan Doboš told HTV that he expected about the 1200 refugee, but there were several times more, not exactly as they were not registered.

"Every afternoon we prepared reception for a maximum of thousands of refugees, but during the afternoon there were rivers of refugees in the barracks, and we have information that there is another composition coming from Tovarnik, we do not know what's waiting for us in the morning," he noted.

According to him, the problem is that food was prepared for most 1200 people, and they arrived at least three times more, there are water, and further guidance will be given at the session of the County Crisis Staff in progress.