Barbara Ljiljak, the current Miss Universe of Croatia, has been in love for four years in the business of Filipa Romić.
At the fourth anniversary of the relationship, Philip filed for Barbar in the romantic Vienna where the mission once lived and where her mother and sister live today.
"I am happy, I would not want to comment on private life much, but engagements are still the most beautiful news, so thank you all for congratulations," Barbara said.
Barbara and Filip love to travel, so on their travel list they have already enrolled numerous destinations they are happy to take photographs.
When asked what a wedding dress to wear on the most beautiful day in her life, the attractive Miss Universe of Croatia is just a mysterious smile.
"I had the opportunity to take pictures of Vesna Sposi to try out many beautiful dresses and wedding dresses. But I'm currently preparing for the world-wide choice of Miss Universe who is expecting me and I'm totally focused on all the activities I have as Miss. I'll think about the wedding dress when time comes to her, and I'm afraid to design it myself is not excluded from making the sketches alone, "concludes Barbara.