A part of the refugee who arrived yesterday in Beli Manastir went to Osijek during the night and morning, from where he tried to get to Zagreb from the bus and train stations.

About 10 hours at the Osijek bus station were around the 100 refugee, who traveled by bus to Zagreb, but also by taxi, while at the same time at the railway station was around 200 refugees and new arrivals are expected.

President of the County Protection and Rescue Station, prefect Vladimir Šišljagić told reporters on Friday morning that they did not know that there were some special emergency situations related to the refugee wave, but that the number of refugees increased because tonight from Tovarnika to Belom Manastir, two more train refugees and, according to some information, 30-buses.

In the Baranja area about 10 thousands of refugees

We estimate that there are about 10 thousands of refugees in the Baranja area, the situation changed from hour to hour because refugees were continuously brought from Vukovar-Srijem County, so about six thousand refugees in the area of ​​the former barracks in Belo Manastir were around 2 hours ago part and on public surfaces, said Šišljagic.

Since there are 4 to 5 thousands of refugees in Serbia's city of Sombor, who are intent on coming to Croatia, Šišljagic thinks this is the number "who has crossed the critical point".

He reported that by Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic, and President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, by letter, requested that the necessary funds, food, medicines, accommodation be provided, as well as immediate access to evacuation of refugees, The government took the position that Croatia was a transitional country.

Considering that a part of the refugees had already arrived in Osijek, he added that he had demanded a significantly greater involvement of the police, as well as the activation of the army, as the rating of the County Governor was that yesterday's events were uncoordinated.

HCK in Tovarnik and B. Manastir - has enough food and the rest

At the headquarters of the Osijek-Baranja County for 12 hours, they announced a press conference on the refugee wave, and a press conference on the uncontrolled inflow of refugees was announced in the municipality of Čepin, where a refugee reception center is now in operation.

The Croatian Red Cross operates in two places - in Tovarnik and in the shelter in Belom Manastir. Seventy volunteers share refugees with food, water, and hygienic supplies that are enough, according to Catherine Zoric, Red Cross spokeswoman.

According to the data published by the Ministry of Interior, this morning around 8 refugees arrived in Croatia this morning. Since the closure of seven border crossings with Serbia, Tovarnik has reached them at 13,300, unofficially in the police. The migrant police are gathering along the so-called green border, trying to get into groups in Croatia. They take off at the railway station from which buses run into reception centers.