Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić reiterated on Friday that it is only a matter of time when Croatia, due to the refugee crisis, will close the traffic completely.

"Our border is closed permanently, but of course Croatia closed a certain part of the transition and it is only a matter of time when it will completely shut down traffic," Ostojić told N1.

"The numbers change from hour to hour, are recorded over 13.000 people, these are the figures that exceed many years of statistics. This is a figure that for Croatia means that the capacities are overwhelmed, the information that Croatia's transit country is not accurate. We have to register them and our main goal is to stabilize the situation and to help those exhausted people, "the minister said.

Ostojic also commented on the Hungarian construction of the wall toward Croatia, saying that "the walls have never prevented anyone". "This is something absolutely unacceptable, it is an unacceptable policy. It does not matter now, we want to help people. Statements from Hungary can not be called anything but unacceptable, but we have been looking for it for a long time. "

He also confirmed that Slovenia was part of the refugees who tried to enter the state in Croatia. "Some of the registered people tried to exploit this situation, Slovenia's people trying to enter the country returned to Croatia. Croatia will accept these same people if Slovenia returns them ".

Ostojic also claimed that the opposition HDZ in the refugee crisis collects cheap political points. "Croatia is all praised for its humanity. I'm talking about better Croatia, and that does not belong to HDZ's. Neither has the Hungarian wire managed to stop the wave, their embarrassing ideas are not a solution. The HDZ collects cheap political points, Karamarko is lying to the public and argues that refugees will take jobs, which is a lie. We could see Angela Merkel who clearly stated that we must show a friendly face, "Ostojić said.