Until Friday afternoon in Slovenia, from Croatia illegally entered the 1.000 refugee, the Slovenian media reported, referring to incomplete police data.

As the Slovenian STA news agency has conveyed, it is believed that many refugees and migrants will try to cross the "green" border outside the official transitions on Friday night and during the night, for which the police are ready.

The latest official figures on the number of arriving refugees will be announced during the evening.

Police are in Posavlje, the southern region bordering Croatia, and where the state is most critical, increased control and sent to more than a tenth of special police.

As reported by the STA, the police believe they are sufficiently team-mated to carry out their duties and that there is no need to activate the army, and police control across the border with Croatia is strengthened.

At the same time, State Secretary in the Interior Ministry Boštjan Šefic said that in future days Slovenia could control the arrival of 500 refugees daily without major problems, and that it could accommodate them around 5.000 for ten days. It would then activate reserve reserves with which it has already begun by dividing the 1.200 bed for refugee accommodation.

Slovenian media reported that Austria offered Slovenia 300 "experts" who would be referred to Vienna from the Slovenian-Croatian border in order to help Ljubljana control the current situation.

Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said that those with work could start the next week.