Basketball Lives have entered the final EuroBasket in Lille after they have won the 67-64 (22-17, 13-17, 13-9, 19-21) semi-finals in the semifinals and will play for the title on Sunday of the 19 against Spain.

Jonas Valančiunas was the most efficient 15 basketball player in Lithuania, Mindaugas Kuzminskas (9 jumps) and Renaldas Seibutis added 13, while Serbia was led by Miloš Teodosić with 16 hits, but only three assists.

The duel between Lithuania and Serbia brought another big drama at Eurobasket in Lille, and in the final turn, the Lithuanians were more successful and calm.

In the very end, with a slight advantage of Lithuania, Seibutis had hit 24-65 two seconds before the end of the 61 seconds before Serbia, but Teodosic returned to Serbia with a miracle from the fall. Seibutis had hit 12-66 for one of two free throws before the end, and after the jump in defense, Bogdanovic took over the responsibility of Serbia's last attack, but his entry to the Lithuanian basket did not end with defeat, and after Kalnietis hit first, missed the second free throw, the last slogan of Serbia's hope to take the game in triage by extending Mačiulis, who cut off the addition of Teodosic.

With its 10-0 series, Lithuania has taken 14-7 in the middle of the first quarter, thus taking control of the results it held most of the meeting. Four minutes before the halftime, there were even 11 differences for Lithuania (34-23), but Serbia was rejuvenating the defeat to rest, Lithuania lost four balls, which Serbs used to take the 11-1 series to 35-34.

In the continuation, Lithuania started the 5-0 series but did not reach the basket for five minutes, so Serbia with 9-0 pulled out with 43-40. But then the line was again on the Lithuanian series, which in the last four minutes of the third quarter and the first minute and a quarter of a fourth quarter made 12-0 and reached the big 52-43. Of course, that was not the end then, Serbia once again managed to get back to play, but in the end, it was easier for Lithuania to play.

Lithuania did so for the second consecutive time to the EuroBasket finals, two years ago in Slovenia lost to France, and on Sunday it will have Spain for a gold fighter. The last of its three titles of European champions Lithuania has won 2003. while the Spaniards will try to return to the tron ​​after the title of the 2009 won. and 2011.

By entering the EuroBasket finals, Spain and Lithuania have also secured an appearance at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year.

The host France and Serbia will play a bronze medal on Sundays of 14 hours. The two teams will have to pass through Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic through qualifying tournaments next year.