In Slovenia, over the last few days, some 3000 migrants and refugees entered the country for the past few days, mostly through Croatia, but most of them leave the country after a short time and go to Austria, which has already received that wave.

The mood of the public with the arrival of the refugees is changing, so the survey published today by Ljubljana "Delo" showed that more than half of Slovenians believed that Slovenia could receive them the most thousand. The same poll showed that Slovenes mostly demanded a stricter border control with Hungary and Croatia due to the current crisis in Serbia, despite yesterday's foreign minister's statement that Slovenia could temporarily inform them of 9.000 and the Slovene ambassador to Berlin, Marte Kos, who told the German media that the number could be bigger.

Slovenian police today announced that refugee registration and registration procedures are being conducted "according to available options", a part of the refugee is not registered and goes to the border with Austria, and they are stationed in the reception centers as soon as possible. According to Slovenian refugee data from the Bregana and Harmica transitions, they were introduced to Slovenia and placed in reception centers.

According to the morning data, the 250 person is located in the center of Lendava near the border with Hungary, in Gornja Radgona near the Austrian border near 400, in Maribor 50, in Celju 150, in Logatec in 100, and in Postojna 150. It is currently in the reception centers around 1100 refugees and migrants.

On the status of refugees and migrants, Prime Minister Miro Cerar, who has repeatedly warned on several occasions that Slovenia can not receive a large number of migrants, and that it must keep the Schengen border and stick to the Dublin Decrees, is still in parliament, but in exceptional cases the possibility of opening up humanitarian corridors to the north, but provided that states agree on the goals of migrants and if it finds a common European solution.