Splitska police sent to the Split State Attorney's Office a special report on the incident at the Hajduk-Dinamo match in which the president of the Supervisory Board (NO) of Hajduk Ljubo Pavasovic Visković allegedly threatened to judge Bruno Marić and is awaiting the decision of this attorney's office whether Pavasovic Visković will be reported for death threats.

The Dinamo Football Club has reported to the police of Zagreb attorney and president of NO Hajduk Ljubu Pavasovic Viskovic for threatening the death of Bruno Marić. He allegedly told Hajduk Security Director Krešimir Antolic that "Marić will not come out of Split tonight."

As reported in the police, immediately after reporting to Dinamo, the police "contacted the president of NO Hajduk Pavasovic Viskovic" and asked for a conversation. He responded the same evening and gave his story version, and as he learned informally, he denied direct threats to the judge.

"We listened to him the same day he was in the game and then made a special report that we sent to the law firm. Now it's up to them to decide on it, "they said in Split police. The ODO did not want to comment on the case, but it is unofficially known that the case is being processed. The defeat at Poljud took place during the court reappearance, when a penalty for Dinamo was awarded. Pavasovic Viskovic, on Dinamo's announcement, said that the club's security director Kresimir Antolic said: "Marić will not come out of Split tonight."

Pavasovic Viskovic, dismissing claims of threats, said on Sunday for Hino that after Marić had awarded the equalizer at the expense of Hajduk, he asked Antolić: "How are you going to get this fool from this world out of this world now?" he said, he thought of a security problem that at that time became "more than obvious". He reproached that he said, "Bruno Marić will not come out of Split tonight."

Judge Marić today said at a news conference that he understood the justified anger of fans and the leader of Hajduk and forgive them "all the hard words pronounced in the aftermath of play", but some threats like those coming from the president of NO Hajduk Ljube Pavasovic's Viskovic are considered inadmissible in a civilized world.

"Because of one of the decisions I've made on the soccer field I receive thousands of threatening sms messages. I seriously understand them, especially what I got from Ljube Pavasović Viskovic because I know what kind of person he is doing. That is why I have taken measures to protect my family and myself, and I have not yet decided whether I will seek redress on court. For now, I will wait for it to be done by the state bodies responsible for it, "Marić said.