Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Monday evening that Croatia had shown refugee crisis as a modern, civilized, humane and well-organized western circle, which "did not work with refugees in the interest of their interests nor allowed the lives of their citizens."

We did not want to raise panic, we knew what we were doing, Milanovic replied to the question of changing plan A to plan B. "We mastered this practically right away, and our citizens have been spared in their daily lives. I'm proud of how we do it. Croatia is today a country with a reputation in the world, Milanovic said in an interview with RTL Television.

Today's reputation is better than ever

Prime Minister Milanovic stated that Croatia's international reputation is better than ever.

"The country that was unfairly unsuccessful and did not have a good reputation for things that it did not fault," Milanovic said. He pointed out that "for the first time we have a good reputation and we are positioned as a state of the whole Western circle". In the Balkans, he said Milanovic "pushed HDZ and Karamarko".

The Croatian Prime Minister considers it to calm the refugee crisis, financially need to support Turkey, which, he added, cares about two million refugees. He criticized the actions of Greece, which, he said, does not control his borders, although he recalled, "a Shengen state that could successfully control its border with its coast guard".

Date of election: the most important is to respect laws and the Constitution

When asked when the parliamentary elections in Croatia will take place, Milanovic replied that the date would be decided by the President of the Republic, adding that she would soon go to the United States for a few days.

He pointed out that the month of November gave a clear framework for parliamentary elections and added "so some presidential election". For Milanovic, the most important thing is to "respect the laws and the Constitution".

Asked what kind of campaign is expected, Milanovic responded that he "expects a positive, heartwarming, fighting, but civic fighting campaign". He estimated that the ruling coalition during its mandate "made a lot, from the initial position that was terrible, we achieved economic growth".

"Unemployment is lower than in the past six years, we have opened up a lot of jobs and we have a plan for the future," Prime Minister Milanovic said, adding that "The Domestic Coalition offers a curse of tears and painful cuts, hiding its program of Croatian citizens, according to which be skeptical. "

"We are a patriotic coalition, We are Croats. They do not behave like Croats when it comes to relations with MOL, when the problems of Croatian institutions in western Mostar, or when it comes to banks and the Swiss franc, "Milanovic said.

"These are bank agents until the last day. I have made them as Hungarians with migrants to adopt a solution that is good for citizens, "Prime Minister Milanovic said of the opposition HDZ's position on loans from Croatian citizens in Swiss francs and the refugee crisis.