The Mininogometna team Croatia won three points in Vrsar on Monday at the start of the European Championships against Latvia with 7: 1. The hits for Croatia's victory were Šimić, Orlović, Herceg, Prpić, Lukavečki, S. Korenika and Popov, while the shooter for Lithuania was Pupliauskas.
- Guys played great, I'm glad we had a little bit easier game, to get the guys up and go to the tournament with such a win. I was expecting this victory to be easy, and I also expect Luxembourg to do so. But after that, we are going to have the harder and harder matches. I'm sorry we got naked, but everything else was fine - said the Croatian company Tvrtko Močibob.croatia- Ivan Brkić

Captain Zoran Lukaveck was one of the Croatian archers.
- The most important thing to do was win, we showed that we are a real team and a good klapa. And on Tuesday against Luxembourg we have to play the most seriously - says Lukaveck.
Denis Ramljak was also satisfied after convincing victory:
- The first match is the worst in every tournament. We tried to play better, we went well in the match, we settled it pretty early. The conditions are excellent, surprisingly good looking stadium, atmosphere as well. We hope to see even more spectators at the later stage - Ramljak said.

Croatia on Tuesday, 22. September starting 20 hours game 2 game. chassis with Luxembourg.
In front of the first games of this year's miniEURA there was also a formal opening ceremony with a suitable cultural and entertainment program and addressing the leaders of the European Mininogometric Alliance, the Croatian Mininogometric Alliance and the Vrsar Municipality.

VRSAR - miniEURA Stadium. Watcher 1000. Judges: Stu Winton (England), Rich Butler (England) and Salvatore Griguolo (Italy).
CROATIA: Habazin, Hranić, Šimić, Prpić, Orlović, S. Korenika, Smok, A. Korenika, Loborinec, Ramljak, Picig, Popov, Herceg, Lukavecki, Hercigonja. ELECTOR: Tvrtko Močibob.