The performance of Small Scenes "Funny Monster" by Asaya Fujite, which premiered in September, 2013. was elected to the official competition of the Children's Festival in Pristina, Kosovo, which organizes Teatret Dodona. At a festival held by 23. to 26. Produced from Turkey, Israel, France, Albania and Kosovo will be screened in Priština this year in September, with the performance of Small Scenes.

The Bitolino 2014 festival was presented at the festival "Funny Monster" in Pristina. where this exceptional production won the Grand Prix as the best show in its entirety.

Except at the opening of the festival, we will also perform the performance at Janjevo for our community, and thanks to the support of the Croatian House Foundation.

According to the Social Responsibility Strategy, which the Little Scene is cherishing already in the Second Strategic Plan, a blind actress, Dajana Biondić, participates in the "Funny Monster", which is the first case to play a blind person in professional theater production in Croatia.

It was directed and adapted by Ana Prolić, directed by Petra Held, costume by Hana Letica, original music composer Damir Šimunović, choreographer Tamara Savićević, designer of light Marino Frankola, was photographed by Nenad Reberšak and produced by Vedrana Reberšak.

Dario Biondić plays with Petar Cvirn and Ivan Vukelić.

The departure of the Little Scenes on this festival was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb and the Croatian House Foundation.