The Customs Service and the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina have engaged in additional capacities to ensure the smooth traffic of freight vehicles which now transported from Serbia to BiH via Bosnia and Herzegovina, was confirmed on Wednesday in Sarajevo after the meeting held with the heads of these services by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers BiH Denis Zvizdić and Minister of Foreign Trade Mirko Šarović.

As announced by Zvizdić's office, the Bosnian-Herzegovinian customs and police have since marked the beginning of the blockade of cargo traffic at the Serbian-Croatian border with increased entry of trucks from Serbia over the transfer of Rača near Bijeljina.

Director of Indirect Taxation Authority (UNO) Miro Džakula and Deputy Director of the Border Police Zijad Svrabović reported to Zvizdić and Šarović that measures were taken to prevent potential truck transit problems.

Although there are indications of intensified truck traffic through Semberia, there are still no major tolls at customs terminals in BiH.

It was concluded that a third shift at the border crossings with the aim of faster traffic across BiH will be introduced in case of need.

Zvizdić from customs and police in BiH demanded maximum efficiency in accepting freight and passenger vehicles in order to make the entire traffic flow smoothly.