After serious illness, in Split died a big Hajduk story Dragan Holcer (70).

19 was born. January 1945. in the German concentration camp Cvizl. 1961 started his career as a footballer. year in Radnicki from Nis, and 1967. year comes to Hajduk. He was a defensive player, a Yugoslav football player. He played in 419 match for Hajduk and scored nine goals. He was one of Hajduk's best middlemen in history.

With Hajduk won three Yugoslavia championships (970 / 71, 1973 / 74, 1974 / 75) and three cups (1972, 1973, 1974). The white jumble of 25 was forgiven. June 1975. after which he played for another six seasons in German GP Stuttgart. He is the bearer of the gold Hajduk Captain's Band. In the top season of 1967 / 68., According to surveys of most daily and weekly newspapers, was chosen for the best player of the championship.

For a long time, he was the captain of the Yugoslav national team for which he played 52 matches, seven as a footballer from the Radnic of Niš and 45 as the football player Hajduk. The UA team debuted in the qualifying match for the 19 World Championship. September 1965. (5-2), while leaving the representative jersey in a friendly match against the USSR team in Zenica 17. April 1974. (0-1). He was a participant of the European Championship 1968. in Italy when the Yugoslav national team won second place. Holcer has twice played for the national team of Europe.

After his football career, Dragan Holcer was engaged in Hajduk as a board member and president of the Youth Commission in 1986, during his last active term of Hajj. years. In a short period 2000. together with Simon Luketina and Antom Žaj, he was a member of the Crisis Trio, who led the club between the two assemblies. And in that period in May, 2000. Hajduk won the Croatian Football Cup.

Dragan Holcer, the man who was at the helm of a golden Hajduk generation, was fond of coming to Split this town and Hajduk, but not only with heart, but always confirming his conscientious relationship with the club, according to his work, his workplace on the playground, and also to those who are pocket-paying pocket money for the ticket on overnight stays. It has always been the most honest way to provide the athletes the highest level of growth, which is the place in the team and the heart of the audience. It was like a player and he was Dragan Holcer.

About the funeral and commemoration for the great huntsman the public will be timely reported.