The Croatian tennis Davis Cup will be in the first round of the 2016 World Group. was hosted in Santiago de Chile.

Since at the end of November at Gent in the Davis Cup final Belgium will host the UK, this means that the first rival to Croatian tennis players will be either the winner or finalist of this contest for 2015.

Belgium and Croatia will meet with 4. to 6. March next year, and the place of play and backing will be determined later. Domesticism became automatically Belgian, because the last clash of these two teams was in Rijeka 2004. when Croatia celebrated with the result of 3-2. Even though he did not play, he was the current national team manager Željko Krajan, and everything was decided on Saturday, after Mario Ancic and Ivan Ljubicic beat Dicko Norman and Kristof Vliegen in the parade, raising the result to the unmatched 3-0 .

Currently, Belgium has three tennis players ranked among the top 100 of the ATP list, and David Goffin, the 15, is the most successful among them. world player. Following are Steve Darcis (59.) And Ruben Bemelmans (89.).
Last weekend, Belgium finished in Argentina 3-2 semi-finals in Brussels, and besides the three mentioned, Kimmer Coppejans (132.) Were also involved.

If it passes to Belgium, Croatia will be in Australia or the USA in the quarterfinals (from 15 to 17 July).

Great Britain - Japan
Serbia - Kazakhstan
Italy - Switzerland
Poland - Argentina
Germany - Czech Republic
France - Canada
Australia - USA
Belgium - CROATIA