Zagreb and one of the best European shooters - Vrapčanski potok from today to 27. September will host the finals of the Lapua Cup, gathering the best strikers in Europe. This great shooting competition will be open and free for all interested visitors. It is also the fourth year in a row in which the best European shooters in the shooting ranges with the big-size rifle at 300 meters gather in Zagreb and in the direct competition they choose the best and most accurate on the Old Continent.

"Every year we have had at least one hundred contestants who have been spotted on the 300 meters for three days, and we hope for a good and positive atmosphere this year," said the organizer of Lapua Cupa, Mr. Zlatko Loborec.


Of the Croatian shooters in this demanding shooting competition will play Osjecanin Josip Kuna, with great prospects for excellent placement.
In men's and women's competitions in the Lapua Cupa Finals will compete around 60 participants.

Gaiting with a large caliber rifle at a distance of 300 meters requires first of all great experience, concentration and abundance. The final outcome of the hit is not only influenced by man but also by meteorological conditions, especially the direction and speed of the wind, which all the visitors of the Vrapcanski potok will be able to witness until Sunday when the Lapua Cup ends.

Let's remember, shooting is the crowning single Croatian sport, and at the Olympic Games in Brazil, Croatian fighters are among the first to win or confirm their appearance.

For now, 6 Croatian archers have a secured quote for next year's appearance at the Olympic Games, and most of them are the carriers of European and world medals, making Croatia one of the most successful states in the field of shooting.