The European Union made the "first step" when it reached an agreement on the distribution of 120.000 refugees, but it is still "far removed" from the final solution without no permanent quotas, the German agency spokeswoman Angela Merkel said on Thursday.

"We have seen the first step, but we are still far from where we need to go," Merkel said in the lower house of parliament, the day after the EU summit, advocating "a consistent procedure for the allocation of refugees by member states", AFP says.

The EU needs help from the United States, Russia and the Middle East to overcome the cause of a wave of refugees wishing to enter the Union, he said, reports Reuters.

Merkel said the refugee crisis could be solved only if the causes of the exodus were removed.

"This can only happen with the help of our transatlantic partners, the United States, and Russia and the Middle East because of the terrible situation in Syria," she said.

Merkel added that the EU's EU leaders' nightmare on allocating at least 1 billions of euros to Syrian refugees is the first step they need to reach.

"Now we need to use this sign of unity so we can go further with certain issues," she added.

Germany will be in 2015. receive between 800.000 and a million asylum seekers, which is a record for that country and for Europe.

While Hungary is criticizing the relationship with migrants who want to enter Germany through its territory and lift the border fence, Merkel recalled the EU's main principles:

"The EU is a community of values, rights and obligations," he said, "in Europe there are minimum criteria for refugee acceptance and treatment and for asylum seeker procedures, which is not always the case at EU borders."

Merkel expressed satisfaction with the announcement of the opening of hotspots in Greece and Italy, where most refugees are arriving, where they will register and refugees from economic migrants.