In the primary, secondary and higher schools, faculties and scientific institutions, Friday began a strike organized by four trade unions of education and science, seeking to increase the salaries of employees by four percent.

The strike is organized by four trade unions: the Croatian Teachers' Union, the Independent Trade Union of High School Employees in Croatia, the Independent Trade Union of Science and Higher Education, and the Employee Union in Croatian Schooling Preporod.

Unions have announced that the strike in educational and scientific institutions, which begins today, will last until the fulfillment of the demand, ie increase of employees' salaries in education and science by four percent or until the formation of a technical government.

From the Education Unions Vertics, on Thursday, they invited parents through the media to not send children to school today if they have the opportunity to take care of them differently, thus showing solidarity with teachers and teachers. All children who come to school will be taken care of as school principals are obliged to organize classes or other forms of educational work, as they may be, at the school institution.

The minister of education said that the children were in the school

Minister of Science and Education Vedran Mornar sent out an open letter to the teaching staff on Thursday that he does not question the right to strike in any way but asks them to once again wonder whether the strike is a solution to the difficulties that everyone in the system of education and education meet everyday. He recalled as he was still ready for the negotiations, an official call for negotiations already sent to the leaders of the trade unions and will advocate that, in line with GDP growth, salaries also increase.

However, it considers it unacceptable immediately before the elections to create commitments to the next government, no matter what it is. In response to the union's call for children not to come to school, Mornar said that "children are in the schools, and if they do not, they will not get unjustified hours, but they will still be the biggest victims of the strike."

The ministry remembers the legal rights and obligations during the strike

On strike, the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MZOS) sent a letter to all primary and secondary schools and study homes during the strike on Thursday. It reminds school principals that, as far as possible, they are obliged to organize classes or other forms of educational work being carried out at a school institution.

It should also be noted that the Collective Agreements provide for work that can not be interrupted during the strike and that particular attention should be paid to these provisions.

"The MZOS recognizes the right of the unions to strike, but at the same time expresses regret for not reaching agreement. The legal right of all pupils is to come to school, and the principals are obliged to ensure that educational work is carried out in accordance with the possibilities. Pupils in dormitories housing and nutrition should not be compromised in any way, and equally appropriate care should be provided to students with developmental difficulties. We are confident that the youngest pupils, especially those involved in the extended stay, will be properly taken care of, "they say in MZOS.

The principals will respect regulations, regardless of the strike

How many teachers will participate in the strike and how schools will organize their work is difficult to predict because most of the principal will only know the exact number of strikers in the morning when they arrive in the morning and will accordingly organize some form of educational work.

Part of the school announced in advance that they would not take part in the strike, while others announced that most strikers would strike, and some gave a clear statement to the students that they should attend the school and, depending on the number of strikers, to arrange for further work.

The principals announce that the children who attend the school will be treated, and those teachers who want to do that will be entitled to it. They will mostly improvise, or act according to the situation that will be welcomed in the school and in the proceedings.