Metta World Peace, an American basketball player previously named Ron Artest, signed a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, the club announced on Friday in its official website.

The duration of the contract is not disclosed, but the media speculate that it is at least a year old.
"It is a born compatriot, his career is much closer than the beginning, but I have seen him in the matches in the last couple of weeks and is still very effective on the pitch, even though it was about playing 20-30 minutes, not the whole NBA game," he said is one of Lakers' leaders.

Metta World Peace, which has 35 years, is one of the most famous NBA basketball players, more because of their defeats than winning prizes, among which the title of the NBA champion was won just with Lakers 2010.
So far he has played in Chicago Bulls (1999.-2002.), Indiana Pacers (2002.-2006.), Sacramento Kings (2006.-2008.) And Houston Rockets (2008.-2009.), Then spent four seasons in the Lakers of 2009. to 2013. to join the New York Knicks in less than a season.

After New York, he went to China where he took the name of "The Panda's Friend" (Pandin Friend) and played for the Chinese first-team Sichuan Blue Whales. In December 2014. has moved to the Italian club Cantu.

They went down in the 2014./15 season, for the second time in a row, missed the NBA play, which was the first time in their brilliant history.