The Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MZOS) reported that more than half of the employees participated today in the strike in elementary schools, while in secondary schools this figure was somewhat less than fifty percent of the total number of employees.

According to the data received to 15 hours from the state administration office in the counties and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport of the City of Zagreb, to which schools have been sending data, 658 primary schools included 54,34 percent of workers in the strike.

In 487 high school institutions, including student homes, the strike includes 45,8 percent of workers. Teaching is fully or partially maintained in the 68,7 percent of primary schools, and in 79,8 secondary schools, as stated in MZOS.

According to the data of the Zagreb City Office for Education, which was collected in 10 in the morning at the 62 Zagreb Public High School (including school boarding schools), 20 was held, 35 was maintained in part and there were no six classes.

Data on involvement in the strike of nearly three thousand employees in secondary schools in the Zagreb area show that 1.941 employee worked, therefore, nearly two-thirds of them, and one-third (1.018) were in strike.

In primary schools there is a different state of affairs, from the 111 of the elementary schools in 30 there are regular classes, there are no 15 primary schools, and the teaching was partially maintained in the 70 school.

Over fifty percent of primary and secondary school teachers (2.497) executed work obligations, and slightly less than half of the total number (4. 739,) of 2.242, was in strike.

Unions announced a continuation of the strike on Monday

Leaders of the Education Unions' Vertics said on Friday that the strike had succeeded and announced the continuation of the strike until the requirements were met, ie, raising wages in education and science by four percent. They expressed the conviction that the continuation of the strike would be greater and that union members would not give up. They also announced that they will respond to a call from the MZOS to come to a meeting on Monday, 28. September, but will not do anything at the expense of its members.

The minister reminds students to come to school

Minister Vedran Mornar this morning reiterated in the tour of two Zagreb schools the statement that children are in the schools and no one has the right to invite parents to not send them to school. He said his statement would not be unjustified hours wrongly interpreted because he was thinking of those schools where he was not sure if he would work or not.

"The position of the ministries is clear - the students must be in school. Students who have not been to school today will not get unjustified hours, but if one of the following weeks shows that a school is working, everyone who does not come will receive an unjustified watch, "Mornar said, repeating that the union's call to parents not sending children to school was inadequate .