Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic walked the road from a fake humanist to a fake warrior for ten days, as he first urged migrants to pass through the non-existent corridor, and then closed the legal boundaries and forensic purposes boosted tensions with Serbia and Hungary in order to culminate at the pressure of the EU, Serbs and businessmen and had to give up the blockade of legal border crossings, HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko said in a conversation about Hino.

In mid-September, Milanovic called on migrants, shouting at all the rumors that all refugees should be allowed to enter in all possible ways, and those who called him to care shared the lessons of humanity. Then, for the crossing, he closed the legal boundaries and allowed entry to illegal routes. After only ten days, if he did not prevent entry to the same refugees he had previously called, he led us to the blockade of Croatian exports, Karamarko said, commenting on the events that led to the blockade of the border between Croatia and Serbia.

Croatia should be protected, but from Milanovic

He manipulates the fates of refugees, stresses the tensions with Serbia and Hungary, is a protector of national interests, and all this for election purposes only, Karamarko said adding that he agreed with Milanovic that Croatia should be protected - but from Milanovic himself.

"Now that he has surrendered under the pressure of the EU, Serbia and the businessmen and had to give up the blockade of legal border crossings, he would probably declare it with some plan. Maybe with Plan D, "Karamarko said.

The HDZ president thinks that the Croatian government has not reacted in time to the refugee crisis, has not prepared a strategy, prepared scenarios, and prepared to accept, record and transport refugees. "It has responded irresponsibly to this problem, as well as most problems so far. Instead, he swore to the neighbors and systematically held the lessons, "he said.

HDZ will always stand behind the protection of national interests. Again, today we are opposed to threatening our interests and insulting Croatian institutions, including Prime Minister Milanovic. "However, given that our prime minister acts, we have less arguments for this defense," says Karamarko.

Asked what the consequences of a good neighborly relationship and the EU perspective could have a Hungarian boot of barbed wire rails towards Croatia and Serbia, Karamarko responds that each country is in its approach to the solution because the EU does not yet have a common solution. With that eye, they look at where a common policy moves and what its rules are.

"My stance on the wire is known. However, I read that the German Social Democrat, who is from 1999. to 2004. He was Commissioner for Enlargement, Gunter Verheugen said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban 'is trying to do what we (Germans) expect from him. That man is doing what we expect him to do just as it would not have to work for us, "Karamarko said.

Why Prime Minister Milanovic, if one German SPD speaks, has such a strong need to deal with Orban, if it is known that Hungary has so far accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees, and today, refugees from Croatia to Germany cross almost exclusively across Hungary, the president added HDZ.

The military at the borders should prevent the violation of the law

Asked why the HDZ demands that the border army prevent illegal entry of refugees into Croatia when it is physically impossible because of the length of our border with Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro, Karamarko reminds us that the law says the border must not go beyond the border crossing. And even when this happens without documents, violation of the law is a bit worse.

"When you do not watch things like this, you might be in a situation where we can allow for unmanageable border crossing for years. Well, anyone who wants to be in Croatia today can be a refugee or an angry criminal. It was in a colony with migrants or not. Because with this kind of behavior, we make it clear to everyone that we can enter into Croatia illegally. Why then there are limits, "he stressed.

The most demagogic demagoguery forces the army and the police to fight power, and Milanovic does it because he seeks an alibi for his inability and all those who, in addition to the humanitarian aspect, point to security, economic, legal and similar accusations that they are inhumane.

"Of course we are human. Well, what county was the first to show humanity and still shows it - the Vukovar-Srijem County controlled by the HDZ! It is about migrants that we must make clear that they can not enter meadows and pastures into our country, "Karamarko said.

Refugees and those who bring them on this need to be clearly warned, direct them to legal border crossings, humans receive and record them, so our European neighbors who receive them know who's entering the country. "Instead of a clear message that Croatia is a regulated state, and this government is calling so often, we give the migrants and everyone else the message that a violation of the law is allowed in Croatia. We break our own laws and EU laws. Will we at least tell someone how long we will tolerate such a state? "He asked.

As for media speculation that Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić could redirect refugees across BiH to Croatia, Karamarko says it is only a prerequisite, and he hopes that this will not happen.

"Everything needs to be done to solve problems as soon as possible. National interests need to be taken care of, acting uniquely, sticking to the law, not closing down official crossings for goods or refugees, finding humane and reasonable solutions, talking to neighbors. Because in agreement with them we need to channel the refugees, "he said.

The president did not Angela Merkel declared responsible for the crisis

The HDZ president also stated that President of the Republic of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović had not declared German Chancellor Angela Merkel responsible for the crisis with migrants when she said that Merkel called for migrants and "now pulled out the hand brake", so "by pulling the handbrake she made chaos on the road ".

Karamarko points out that in Brussels he said that access to Germany for the first time was a salvation for Europe. But, he pointed out, although Germany is a large country that can solve a lot of things - it can not do everything. That is why we need to speed up a common solution.

"It's hard to predict how many people will come. The question is what will happen to them in Turkey, how will Greece act. Europe urgently needs a united approach. Only Germany can not address these problems, "he said.

In addition, Karamarko notes, when President Grabar-Kitarović and he also think about it, it is accused of being influenced by the HDZ policy, and when they think differently, it is interpreted as their conflict.

The crisis needs to be overcome in the long run in its source, and before that all together we need to help all those most affected by migrants. This applies primarily to Turkey and Greece.

He also stressed that in the conclusions of the European summit's crisis summit, it is important to strengthen the oversight of the EU's external borders. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen coordination with the EU and the recipient countries and to prevent the creation of a refugee collection center, so-called "hot spots" in Croatia, and to organize some kind of summit of refugee crisis affected countries, in order to tackle the problems jointly.

There is also an idea of ​​mixed Croatian - EU patrols on the EU 's external borders, but the problem is that Milanovic refuses any idea of ​​a ban on illegal migration, although the EU advocates just the protection of borders, Karamarko says.

If asked whether the HDZ Domestic Coalition agreed that Croatia was a "hot spot", Karamarko replied that no state would want or should be.

"If this happens to Croatia, it will be because Milanovic swam at the sea and led the pre-election campaign instead of responding responsibly to the problem, taking preventive measures and preparing for a wave of migrants, as they did other countries," Karamarko said.

The EU's fundamental rights agency has warned in its report in June that the situation is worsening. Milanovic is still on the day when the first wave arrived at the border yesterday evening, claiming it is ready but that the situation in Croatia can never be as in Serbia and Hungary. And even today, after ten days, we do not have a system for receiving and registering migrants, but we have just started a trade war with the eastern neighbors and we hold lessons for everyone, said the president of the HDZ.