With a memorial on Mount Čukur near Kostajnica, where they are in 1991 in August. Greater Serbia's aggressors killed HTV war correspondent Gordan Lederer, an information panel was also opened, providing a link to the information page about him, they reported on Saturday from HRT.

Gordan Lederer (1958, Zagreb-1991, Croatia Kostajnica), is 10. August 1991. deadly wounded by sniper rifle of Serbian paramilitary units on Mount Čukur. This year, there were memorial features of the Broken Landscape, and the information board was opened last night by HRT chief Goran Radman, quoted by HRT.

Using a special QR code, located on this dashboard, visitors will be able to visit http://www.hrt.hr/gordan-lederer via their mobile phones and get all the information about Gordan Lederer and his work and life path, circumstances the death of 1991 war. and information on monument building.

"This place brought us a feeling of closeness to Gordan Lederer and his life and all that he gave to HRT. We want this to be a call for all people to come and seek inspiration here. I am particularly pleased to see that about a month and a half since the discovery of this memorial was visited by approximately five thousand people, "said HRT Radman.

Memorial Feature The Broken Landscape is the author of the academic sculptor Petar Barišić, and was originally designed and executed by architects Kata Marunica and Nenad Ravnić according to the order and selection of Croatian Radio and Television. The head of the project team for the design of the monument is Milan Bešlić.

After the opening of the information board in Croatia Kostajnica also opened a PRESS film festival devoted to the role of media in the war, war reporters and war journalism, and the first screened film, 'Ophodnja u suton', reconstruction of the death of Gordan Lederer, cite from HRT.

At the festival, which runs until Sunday, 27. September, the films 'Anatomy of a Death' and 'Obzor' will also be shown, which also tell about Gordan Lederer. There are also projections of numerous documentary domestic and foreign films, exhibition of war photographs, and forums with the theme of war journalism.

Otherwise, the most famous of Lederer's warriors were the Banjaluka War, after which, after his death, were installed recordings from the first days of the Homeland War, the sound of which was the song "Dire Straits" by Brothers in Arms.