The Security Intelligence Agency (SOA) submitted to the Croatian State Archives the remaining archive documentation inherited from the former State Security Service (SDS) of the Republican Secretariat of the Socialist Republic of Croatia, which SOA had in its archives.

It is about documentation that was found in newly archived Croatian security and intelligence services in archives of the then SDS, and it was created in the 1937 period. year to 30. May 1990. year, SOA published on its website.

For two years now, SOA has been planning and systematically working on the sorting and categorization of the above mentioned material, and the volume of work carried out tells us that the 134 was obliged to submit the documentation to the Croatian State Archives.

The intention of SOA is to make this valuable archival material accessible to the scientific and the general public and to provide a better insight into that period of Croatian history. The documentation will be available after proper processing in the Croatian State Archives, and its accessibility will be subject to the regulations governing archiving and protection of personal data.

The documentation covers various areas of SDS activity: internal issues (documents from the time of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the remains of the documentation of the Ustasha regime, SDS documentation on religious communities, former citizens' parties, terrorism, diversions, irredentism); emigration (parties and movements such as HRB, HOP, Yugoslav extreme emigration, acting abroad, action and processing) and foreign intelligence (before, during and after the Second World War).

Furthermore, the documentation also includes the work of the SDS (normative acts and correspondence with other state bodies, work instructions, nomenclature, appointment records, analyzes, reviews, presentations, consultations) and analytical materials and reviews, indicative information and other examinations of the Federal Secretariat of Internal SFRY affairs.

The Croatian Security and Intelligence Service has already submitted to the Croatian State Archives the files of persons who had been created by the work of the former State Security Service, as well as most of the documentation from time II. of the World War that SDS had in its archives.

SOA is systematically working to get closer to the Croatian public and strengthen the trust of citizens in the work of SOA; the submission of the SDS archive material towards these goals and at the same time makes a departure from linking SOA with the work, methods and tradition of the former SDS, the statement said.

This SOA affirms as a modern security and intelligence agency of a democratic state following the practice of state-run services with a long democratic tradition to decode documents for which there are no longer any reasons for secrecy, according to SOA's website.