President of Zagreb HDZ Andrija Mikulić told a news conference on Sunday that the government has not yet read the HDZ initiative that Zagreb's international airport has given the name of the first Croatian president Dr. Franjo Tudjman, evaluating that it is hypersensitive to it.

The decision does not want to be made because of the large part of SDP membership and sympathizers and this is pure hypocrisy, because SDP president Zoran Milanović gives the public a picture and actually conceals the truth, Mikulic said and assessed that it was a gathering of political points ahead of the election. And at the construction site, a part of the facade can not be completed until the label is defined, he said.

They are under the guise of waiting for the opinions of cities of Zagreb and Velika Gorica, of which the Government requested a letter 8 only. September, and the Government as a concession provider can autonomously decide on it, Mikulic said. Major General Drazen Barisic said that the mayor Milan Bandić, the mayor of Zagreb, did not inform the Assembly Committees and the deputies about the letter of the Government.

Bandic was besieged in Stepinac, wearing a badge with the figure of Tito's villain, Barišić said.

Mikulic said he agrees with SDP that he has no return to old saying that there will be no return of criminal (former Vukovar Mayor) Željko Sabe, former County Prefect Lovrić Merzel, neither Željko Jovanović's Minister and Vesna Pusić, Zagreb's towers of Minister Mihail Zmajlovic nor Bandic's badges.

These are instant patrons who at one time did not mention the founders of the Croatian state and the first Croatian president, Dr. Franjo Tudjman, and Milanovic put his right hand to life for the first time in his life for the first time in his life for the first time, Barišić said among other things.

After all, they concluded, the abbreviation SDP means "Party of Demagogy and Threats".