The Education Unions' Vertical Appreciated Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic's statement that the strike of employees in the education system is "nonsense and comic" as his "political and human decline", and Milanovic's statement that this strike of the union leader for armchairs is the only one that these days it is fighting for the armchair and this is by means of untruths.

"It is a ridiculous fight for wages, the just treatment and dignity of 80 thousands of its citizens, its employees and its voters," warns the leader of the Vertical Trade Unions. "To get rid of so many people just because they are consuming the right to strike as the civilization achievement of the social democratic policy in the last 150 years means to send a message: to the Social Democratic values ​​I do not care, I am a liberal, my friends are big entrepreneurs, I am a ruler, not hunting flies, "says the Vertical Press Release.

President of the Grand Chamber of the Syndicate of Science, Vilim Ribic, said that Prime Minister Milanovic has no arguments against syndicating views, but a series of ill-conceived accusations. "When he does not do it then he will try to sand the two unions and call them the so-called. to negotiate, to be able to ban the strike, separate from the third, as he would not mind.

"The only one who is fighting for his own armchair, with all the misguidance, using lies and lurking, undermining democratic values, bringing the country to the brink of internal and external conflicts just to be in power, is Zoran Milanovic," Ribic said.

Syrian leaders have said the strike is not meaningless because it is organized as a form of pressure before the elections, which is commonplace all over the world, but are nonsense Prime Minister's statements, lies and manipulations. The claim that he can not do anything now is a double superstition, they evaluate. They consider the prime minister, refusing to accept them, does not admit the legitimacy of the leading people of the unity elected in the democratic process. "It is a denial of fundamental democratic principles that have led him to power," they say.

"He did not receive us when he needed it, but he had bought time to be able to laugh at us now and lie that he can not do anything anymore. He knows that everything can still be done, "said among others in the statement by the Grand Council of the Trade Union of Science Vilim Ribic, the President of the Independent Trade Union of High School Branimir Mihalinac, and the President of the Union of Croatian Teachers Sanja Šprem.

Struggling employees in the education system are looking to increase salaries for the 4 post.