Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and Minister of Science, Education and Sports Vedran Mornar have once again said on Monday that no money for teacher and teacher salaries is available now, but it can only be discussed after the elections, so the education strike is unrealistic.

They announced this after the opening of BIOCentra, an incubator that will enable early development of companies in the field of life science and biotechnology where eminent Croatian scientists will work in the laboratory infrastructure to help start-up companies, those who have the idea to start production.

This institution is proof of how much we are trying to get creative people back and stay in Croatia, Milanovic said, adding that Croatian scientists who came back from the world's top universities are at her head.

"This is a message to everyone who is panicking as if Croatia is falling apart, as if all of them are leaving. They leave and return, and soon they will return rather than go, "said Milanovic, adding that his government has stimulated the employment of young people in a series of measures.

"These are all thoughtful measures, but you have to have a crunch of happiness because if you do nothing, you panic and hysterics you will not do anything. We are an active Government, "Milanovic said.

A journalist's statement that without satisfied and properly paid teachers striking there will be no centers that have just opened, Milanovic said that teachers and teachers were always humble.

"Salaries of teachers and professors were always modest and they are still low, but unfortunately, at this point, we can not increase them because I do not have the right to take up budgetary obligations," he said, adding that parents, children and teachers are sorry.

"On one hand, we have the constitutional right of children to education, the other right to union organization and strike. At any given moment, the question of political mind, reason and decency, which of these two rights gives priority. We are a conflicting society, and that does not mean a bad society, but a society in which many interests are to be reconciled, but not by the HDZ's "all-cause", Milanovic said.

Stating that many parents during the strike have no where to talk with children, he also said that he had a personal problem with the younger son.

Minister Mornar believes that the strike is too late because the government has become technical and the journalist's statement that they were four years old, he replied that he was personally led by the Ministry just over a year ago.

Again, he made a false statement of the allegations that the doctors, unlike the prospectus, had increased salaries. After the abolition of salary supplements, the salaries of the wage earners are the highest among those with the most seniority and unskilled staff. After that, teachers got an increase of 3,5 percent, Mornar recalled and announced that they would offer the trade unions a more just model than theirs, but for the next year.

He repeated that the strike makes no sense, so he breaks it off and allows the children to go to school. "It is not good to deny children the constitutional right to education. The question here is more important - the constitutional right of children or the right to strike, "Mornar asked.

Children will not be given unjustified hours, and in the Ministry do not think about introducing a workforce in the hope that the strike will end soon. The union called for a conversation and announced the first meeting for Monday afternoon. (Hina)