If you were to announce the winners of the Ministry of Culture contest, you would think that we're freaking out the last year's article. Or an article two years earlier. That's why we do not publish their names because it makes no sense to repeat.

The winners of the largest state subsidies for non-profit media are the same every year. But this is not a text about them, nor even the ministry of culture that shares these money. This is a criminal report that has not been adduced by the State Attorney's Office in Zagreb, and no one was invited to speak even though the application was filed more than a month ago.

Namely, after the first round of nonprofit media competition, the author of this text compiled an appeal he sent to the address of the ministry of culture.

In response to this appeal, Deputy Minister of Culture Tamar Perišić, quite rightly, noted that the appeal has elements of criminal offenses to media editor Milan F. Živković.

In its response to the complaint, she stated that the Commission, which decided to appeal the allegations, did not want to discuss it, and the appellants' appeals were "taught" to punish their civil servant, which, if the allegations were fictitious, was punishable by itself.

However, the author of these complaints and this text was aware of this and when the appeal was written. And behind the allegation in that appeal continues to stand. What was legally required to make the deputy minister, as a state official, missed.

If in the performance of his or her official duties information comes to the perpetration of the criminal offense, it is obliged to report it to the State Attorney's Office.

So if Tamara Perisic believes that the author of this text and the appeals unlawfully predicted the commission of the criminal offense to Milan F. Živković, then she was obliged to report to the state attorney's office.

If, however, he considered that these allegations had elements of justified doubt, then that appeal should be forwarded to DORH.

It was not private, but official replica. By not taking action to deal with that correspondence and she does so by mistake.

Unlike her, the author of these complaints was absolutely aware of what he was doing. He therefore submitted the complaint and forwarded it to DORH as soon as he submitted it to the Ministry of Culture.

If the allegations in the appeal were unfounded, then the State Attorney's Office must strike the author of this text. If they raise suspicion, they must then examine the allegations from that complaint. And investigate Milan F. Zivkovic.

Tamaru Perisic, for not reporting the criminal part he has learned in performing his official duties, must surely go.

So, Mr. Dinko Cvitane, this is the repeated criminal report you've learned from the media.

And by law you have to deal with it.

Or accuse me of swore. Or accuse Milan F. Živković of granting state subsidies to the legal criteria of the signatories of the petition who helped him retain his current job. Which works on FIMI media patterns.