The Minister of Education, Science and Sports Vedran Mornar has called Wednesday teachers and teachers who are striking Friday that they are returning to the interest of the children and announced that the days spent in the strike will be paid.

The government has decided that the strike will be paid in September, and this is, in some ways, a symbolic proof that the Ministry and the Government are supporting teachers and teachers, "Mornar told reporters at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports (MZOS) at the awards ceremony "Faust Vrančić" for the championships of the students of vocational schools.

"I appeal to the professors again to go back to where they should be, to schools, and we guarantee that in the next mandate they will improve not only the material but also their social status. We are honest, but now before the elections, raising salaries is not really a popular move, "Mornar said.

He believes that there is no reason for the strike and that the letter of intent that the government offered to unions would not revolt teachers and even encourage them to strike, as the union leaders announced.

"I do not see what the letter should be revolted. We expressed our readiness to sign the guarantee that we will improve the status of teachers and teachers in the next mandate, but this was not satisfactory for the trade unions, "Mornar said and repeated that a few days before the government became technical, it would not be fair to place specific financial obligations before the next government.

It's not time to strike revenge

Leaders of the Educational Unions' Vertices rejected the letter by evaluating it as irrelevant and humiliating and announced a continuation of the strike with even greater membership responsiveness.

"The unions have said they will strike out of revenge, and I do not think it's time for revenge and, ultimately, revenge and should not be the legitimate reason for strike," Moranar says.

When asked by a journalist whether the students whose teachers were striking had to do the lessons, the minister said that they would certainly need to do a curriculum and the schools were to organize it in the most correct way. It also believes that there will be no problems with passing the annual curriculum for the current school year.

He also does not believe the strike will have a stronger response, but he believes it will be weaker than in the past days. Data collected by the MZOS in the first three days of strike, from Friday to Tuesday, indicate that the response to the strike has deteriorated, with 51 of the first day attendants dropped to 40 the second day, and to the 33 percent of the third day.

Responding to the strike is even worse on Wednesday because, according to the data received by the MZOS for up to 11 hours from the state administration office in the counties and the City Office for Education, Culture and Sport of the City of Zagreb, 547 primary schools in the strike included 29 percent of the workers. In 320 high school institutions, including student homes, the strike includes 31,14 percent of workers.

The Preporod School of Trade, one of the four strike-related unions, said their members' response on Wednesday was a 13,8 percent, which also shows a drop in the number of strikers compared to previous days.

Preporod have said that together with the membership of other unions remain in strike until the fulfillment of the requirement, ie a 4 percent wage increase or a decision to end the strike of the other three unions.

The syndicate of science is dissatisfied with its membership

In the media, a letter was written to the membership of the Independent Trade Union of Science and Higher Education, expressing concern and disappointment by abandoning the strike and reacting to the part of their teachers, scientists and employees.

"We are very concerned and somewhat disappointed by the response of our teachers, scientists, and employees. Yesterday's reports on the second day of the strike indicate a sharp decline in strike participants. People in the union with lots of enthusiasm and will invest tremendous efforts in caring for you, for our system and for your wages. On the other hand, as though a part of the employees do not invest a minimum of willingness to fight for themselves and their activities, "says the letter to faculty and scientific institutes.