The strike broke out in primary schools and continues in the middle, Hini confirmed on Wednesday the leaders of two trade unions - Sanja Šprem from the Croatian Teachers' Union and the head of the Independent Unions of High School Branimir Mihalinec.

In her interview with Mrs Hin, Frem said that the teacher syndicate does not give up her long-term struggle to improve the position of the teacher and the whole education system.

"We did not give up, we interrupted the strike. Teachers in this strike have shown that they can strike in the hope that the Government will show them appreciate them. But, unfortunately, yesterday we received a letter of intent that was just overwhelmed by the paper that hardly tasted all the teachers in the system and undermined the dignity of our profession, "said Sprem.

She added that they were striking today "no longer in the hope of defending the dignity of the profession".

"Nobody can say that he won syndicates, he won the teachers, because that victory would be a bitter victory. Unions and teachers in elementary schools have shown responsibility to themselves, and no one else can appreciate it - we value ourselves, "said Sprem.

Fame: teachers and directors were exposed to pressures and threats

She confirmed that teachers were exposed to various types of pressure because their job was working with the youngest.

"The strike is to be overcome by pressure, and this is a different kind of pressure," said Sanja Sprem of the Croatian Teachers' Union, warning that the right to strike is constitutional right and therefore the pressure is not correct.

Primary schools are the most sensitive part of the education system and parents react more strongly because their children are small.

"There is our position different from secondary schools and sciences. Also, we had the threats and pressure of the director, the threat of the dismissals and it is definitely incorrect, "she emphasized.

He reminded all the statements made by the Minister of Education Science and Sport Vedran Mornar who said they also went against their strike.

"Threats for unjustified hours scared the kids. I think the minister wanted to break the strike on those who are the most vulnerable, and that's the students, "says Sprem.

Mihalinec: The strike continues in high schools

The head of the Independent Union of High School Employees Branimir Mihalinec Hini said their membership today decided to resume the strike by at least Monday, and until then expect a government call on the negotiations.

"We do not want to negotiate and talk to the Mornar because he has no authority, but exclusively with Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic or Finance Minister Boris Lalovac," Mihalinec said.

Requirements are still the same, we are ready to talk about deadlines for applying salary increases in the 4 system, he added.

"We have accepted the Government's view that there is no budget for this year, but we are confident that they can be found in the 2016 budget. and if we establish such an agreement, it will have legal force and will be implemented. Then it will not be a promise of a genuine, firm contract, "Mihalinec said.

Mihalinec believes that the syndicate of Croatian teachers, in which a large number of teachers and teachers working with young children, was exposed to tremendous pressure and overturned the strike.

"Obviously they did not endure, but from Friday the strike of solidarity has been joined by the Union of Employees in the Social Welfare of Croatia," he said.

This trade union, which also wants to increase salary from the 4 percent, adds Mihalinec, from resident minister Milanko Opacic, "a more tragic letter of intent, and it has begun to join the strike."

Mihalinec notes that there are indications that he will join in the strike solidarity, but he wants to talk about which union is doing.

The school union "Preporod" also remains in strike until the fulfillment of the request sent to the Government or until the decision to end the strike by the other three trade unions, and the Independent Trade Union of Science and Higher Education will decide on it tomorrow after a referendum is conducted between membership.

Minister Mornar urged teachers and teachers today to return to work in the interests of children and announced that the days spent in the strike would be paid. (Hina)