Splitska police reported the 63 year-old headmaster of the Kindergarten and the 57-year-old employee of the facility, suspecting them to be in 2012. and 2013. year without a public tender, the 30 employee hired, the Split-Dalmatia police said on Thursday.

Police suspect that they acted contrary to the Pre-school Education Act, and the Statute of the Kindergarten, and have avoided the process of recruiting employees in a kindergarten on the basis of public tenders. So in 2012. and 2013. year employed by 28 people on job training. They also suspect that they are 2012. hired two people on administrator jobs, although they did not have the required type and degree of professional qualifications.
The 63-year-old was sentenced to criminal prosecution to the relevant State Attorney's Office, suspected of committing criminal offenses of abuse of office and authority, and counterfeiting of official or business documents, and the 57-year-old was reported for suspicion of helping to commit criminal offenses of abuse of office and authority.