Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said on Friday in Konavle that under the Constitution the government could not interfere with the work of the courts and that he would not be so relaxed on the spot of HDZ and Ivo Sanader because of the Supreme Court judgment, because "that indictment still strengthens she returns to the County Court and may end up with the same or a higher sentence ".

Responding to the journalist question when visiting works at the Dubrovnik Airport, Milanovic said that the government can not interfere in the judiciary and that it would not "as the president of the HDZ give instructions to the state attorney to be wise".

"The government has great powers, but not over justice cases. We, through the Ministry of Justice, have made a miracle organization, but neither the minister nor I can interfere in concrete procedures because it means that policy will be judged. Once you put that policy into your hands, it can not resist that point, and we saw how it looks to the HDZ leaders and how it would look like the president of the HDZ instructs the state attorney to be wise. I'm not that, I can have my private opinion, have, but I'll keep it for myself. That indictment remains in force, she returns to the County Court and can end up with the same or a higher sentence, "Milanovic said, adding that he would not be so relaxed on their side.

Asked about the political persecution, as Sanader's lawyers claim, Milanovic replied that "everything was clear to everyone". Commenting on allegations that Sanader has already garnished a bail of 12,4 million kuna, Milanovic referred to a lawsuit that Milan Bandić, Zagreb Mayor, has once voiced against him.

"When two years ago I was defeated by a defamatory man who was not because I wanted to defame myself - I would say clearly what I think, then I had to pay four thousand kunas of court fees, regardless of the fact that I am the defendant. I could pay it, but I wondered what the 50 people would have sued me. Then I would have to find 200 a thousand. Otherwise they would take the apartment. That misguided provision in the law has changed in the meantime, but who knows what he can with his income, "Milanovic said.

Responding to the question of the influence of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader on the SDP campaign as some experts say, Milanovic responded to SDP's favorability of investments.

"We're investing, 500 jobs are created weekly, and unemployment is the lowest in the last six and a half years. In the end, the character and credibility of both the coalition and the people, namely Karamarko and myself, will be important. I do not promise to embarrass things, I promise stability and secure slow growth. That means you see it, a growth that will be sustainable, but what people will feel. Those who promise painful cuts, tears of laughter ... I would rather go to the Silicon Valley, "the prime minister said.

Milanovic denied rumors in Ploče for the Refugee Refugee Center and reiterated that no refugees would come to the southern border.

"My colleagues contacted the Montenegrin side yesterday. They know what their interests are and they will not bring people here. There is police in every case, but this border will not be pervasive. They will not be able to go there, but in the north, but there, too, so that our citizens do not have a problem. All this works while Germany does not say enough, not us, but Greece and Turkey, "Milanovic said.