SDP Minister Boris Lalovac said from the party assembly in Makarska to all those who made money in Croatia and brought it out of the country and did not pay taxes to Croatia, to respond to this, while SDP introduces order and fights social inequalities .

"You who keep billions of dollars out there and you have not paid taxes, you will regret it, and the SDP is there to enforce justice. The only guarantee that there will be no inequalities in the future are the red SDPs, "Lalovac said at a party gathering on Saturday night in Makarska.

A large number of citizens have no five thousand kuna in the wallet and "50.000 citizens hold in Croatian banks 75 billions of kunas," he said. "Such inequity was created by bank agents and the former (HDZ) government because it was disenfranchised," he said. Four years ago, "reds returned to power and there to correct inequality."

"We are here to take the lead not just for these 50.000 citizens who hold 75 billions of kuna, but for the first time see what savings are abroad and who have patrolled a large part of the money from this country," he said. The question is how much money they made, through work or privatization, he added.

"That's why we said, you have to put all accounts into the Croatian people. Regardless of their personal threats, these threats do not interest us, we are only interested in getting these people to pay taxes if they have made money in Croatia, "Lalovac said. He added that he heard "exactly like" trying to arrange bankers and rightists, as "now need help HDZ to come to power" and open accounts to finance it.

"But I tell them, first deposit accounts with the Croatian people, and if you have paid the tax, that's fine, if you have not paid the tax you have to answer it," Lalovac said.

"We have to fight for the housing issues of all citizens, not listen to the bankers who say, even by letter to the government: if you do not listen to our proposal, we will start expelling the citizens from the apartments. Our message: you do it to the Austrian finance minister, you will not be Croatian, "said the lalovac, whose speech was repeatedly interrupted by a burning applause.

SDP Presidency Member and Deputy Prime Minister Branko Grcic, believing in SDP's election victory, announced lowering of VAT on some key agricultural products, such as strawberries and mandarin mandarins.