With the President of the Zagreb HSS and the Club of Representatives of HSS and HSLS at the City Assembly of Zagreb, we discussed the day after the Domestic Coalition presented its economic program. In the days before, Nenada Matić was "navigated" by the media in AHSS, a party that will be on the opposite side in the upcoming parliamentary elections. But Matić claims he is loyal to the Patriotic Coalition and his party.

Finally, the Domestic Coalition at the Fair presented its program. Comments on your gathering were how you looked at Racan while SDP at its meetings took on a strange style?

I think that's a bad review. The patriotic coalition is its patriotism, and the attitude towards Croatia has always been very pronounced. All parties in our coalition also had such an attitude. The SDP's attempt to go into that story is very unsuccessful because it does not make it just one set and waving banners that you get a label on that basis. It does your actions and attitude for a long time. And in these four years, we have been watching the procedures, from the attitude towards the defenders, so that Croatia has a clear national identity, which shows that the SDP did not do anything or did not do much. Not to talk about how our prime minister when he comes out is being fought off in Croatia. RTS tried to justify it as being the biggest friend of Serbs, or how they would defend Serbia's interests.

So, according to your answer, do you still seem to leave HSS and the Domestic Coalition?

These are the lies and attempts of some to increase their price to some others. I'm from 1995. in HSS and I have never been in any conversation to leave the party. I was the Secretary General for four years, it means a high office, and I do not think of going out of the party. It's like an NBA player - moving me to other clubs without anyone asking me anything. I immediately denied it sharply. I do not think it is a good thing for me to disagree on the political scene with each other in such stories about the transition.

And how did you ever get into those stories? Do you know?

Well, I believe I appeared in those stories because I was in some instances at some internal bodies critical of some things in the party. Although it was exclusively within the party, people talked and talked, so someone might have concluded that I was dissatisfied and how I would get out of HSS. It's as if you are dissatisfied with some things in Croatia so that you say that you will move out of Croatia. I still love Croatia and I love HSS in which I have been very long and hope that God will give me health to stay in that party for a long time and stay.

You are a co-ordinator for your party in 1. the constituency in the parliamentary elections. Who will HSS have that list on?

As far as the position on the list is concerned, we still do not know it, but it does not matter to us either. Given the fact that this is the first constituency where we are not so strong I doubt that we will have a place to guarantee entry into the Parliament. But we will try everything in order to enter the Sabor with a preferential voice. We still do not know whether it will be a male or female person because, according to my information, we will still hold female quotas in the coalition under the law that the Constitutional Court abolished. But whatever the candidate was, we will be working hard to bring as many votes as Domestic Coalition and Preferred HSS. In addition to individual interests, we must first underline the general: that the Domestic Coalition wins and we do as much as possible for Croatia. As far as I'm concerned, I'm sure I will not propose to be on that list. The place in the Parliament is not interested. If it needs help after winning the election, I see myself somewhere in executive power. I do not see myself as a parliamentary representative, but in some operational affairs. I think otherwise young people would have to do something operative, and then with their wisdom to help the Parliament. They need the Parliament and young people, but there is not much to learn in Parliament.

You mentioned yourself that HSS is not too strong in Zagreb. But it was once. How can you not be able to recover after the two famous MPs have been released?

HSS in Zagreb can always track the trend of national HSS. As for the cases of Buković and Šporer (two HSS deputies who helped the HDZ stay in power - nap.a.), it was the time when we independently won eight percent of the elections. This was a good result, but after their procedures it is difficult to restore the confidence of the citizens of Zagreb even though these people are no longer with us. However, it is important to say that we have been a parliamentary party in Zagreb for the last ten years and will be again for two years if the elections are then. But it is important to say that a national policy is run in Zagreb and how difficult it is to be better than a national party in Zagreb if it falls below four percent at the state level. My colleagues in smaller municipalities and cities can do that, but Zagreb can not be because Zagreb is a national story. There is a quarter of Croatian voters living there. And the HSS in Zagreb never got the chance to get a national politician. He was Zlatko Tomčić, but he did not raise the Zagreb organization.

How many Zagreb HSS members have now?

We have around 2300 members but now is the current process of entering people from AHSS, over one hundred, so I believe we will end up with the number of 2500 members up to the elections.

So, instead of going to AHSS, you take members of them?

It was a spin. Before this article was published, I was on one of the slots where we joined Mr Stipac, Deputy President of AHSS in HSS. I was on the couch where we announced that we took over their members, and after that came the article as I passed them. Maybe it was revenge. I think you should when you post someone passing someone to post it. My cell phone is publicly published on the pages of the City of Zagreb, I do not hide it and I think it would be right for journalists who have made it known before me to call me if this is true. Then delete my name from that article.

Mayor of Samobor Krešo Beljak is quite bitter on TV show Veto criticizing your party's decision to coalise with HDZ before the elections. How do you comment on such an appearance of a high-ranking HSS sheep?

Mr. Beljak is the vice president of the party with the highest number of votes in the HSS, and he also carries a greater part of the responsibility. I am the president of a Zagreb organization and I am not a member of the short-term presidency, and he is more vice-president of the party's decision and has his position. I think the coalition with HDZ makes sense. Some things should be defined beforehand. Maybe Belya's dissatisfaction is conditioned by the results of these negotiations but I do not know much about it because, unlike him, I'm not part of the party's narrow body. But the blockade division in these elections will be strong, and we are a member of the European People's Party and HDZ. I'll tell you how I'm still 2011. as the party's chief secretary, with one colleague, was the only one to go to the HDZ coalition then. At that time, I was very angry at the presidency, which some of us misled. My patriotic line is always clear, but between red and blue I always choose a green color.

At the City Assembly of the Party of the Domestic Coalition did not make an alliance even though such a club would have the largest number of representatives. Why did not you formalize that coalition in Zagreb?

HSS and HSLS went to Zagreb elections with Vladimir Ferdelj as candidate for mayor. The parties have provided great logistical support, but we must be honest and say that Ferdelj has withdrawn us the most. He is not inclined to come up with such a coalition, nor is he a member of it, nor is he seen in the Domestic Coalition. We have won a mandate in the Assembly with him and we think it is fair to stay with him. We went to the polls in Zagreb separately from the HDZ and I think it would be a sort of scam of the voters to get together now. National politics is one and the other is local.

Your club was in coalition with Milan Bandic, but now it has been broken ...

We had an agreement with Bandic, whom he broke off. But then we had defined the program stuff that this agreement defined. We also voted against the decisions we did not consider to be good and we voted for the decisions that we think are in line with our policy. That's how we behave now. One of the things that has lately been debating the voting for Zagreb's debt, but that debt was planned in the budget we accepted. And that budget was suggested by Sandra Švaljek, not Milan Bandic.

And will it be premature elections in Zagreb?

I do not think early elections will be. If the parliamentary elections were announced in February as one of the combinations, then they would probably have been. It would not be necessary for the majority to budget because nobody would want to strengthen Milan Bandic's position and weaken the elections before the elections. The centrals would then conclude that the budget is not accepted. I think that after the parliamentary elections things will be much clearer. We will have a new government and as a patriotic coalition we have a lot of work to do this. After that, there are still elections in Zagreb that you can not get the Croatian and the citizens of Zagreb to do well. I do not think we need new elections. After finishing the parliamentary elections in Zagreb, it will probably find the budget needed for the budget.

Who will be that most? Will you support Milan Bandic?

Well, I will not support Milan Bandic because we have every party, but will I vote for the budget - I do not know. I see no reason why not vote for a budget that is practically the last budget before the next local elections. Of course, unless political circumstances change or other institutions of the state that we can not influence are involved. I will also have consultations with the party headquarters. I do not know now how to vote then I'm inclined to vote for.

This is a shortened version of the video interview. What Matic thinks about the events in Zagreb in this mandate, as he comments on the statements of his party's president that the HDZ will need twice as much time as the Karamarko announces to meet the economic agenda - as you can see in the video clip.