About 150 supporters and members of the Vojvodina club and the Vojvodina party with a peaceful protest titled "Walk for Vojvodina" said on Monday that the northern Serbian province should get the status of the republic.

At the meeting it was emphasized that the Vojvodina was on October 1988. in the so-called. yogurt revolution remained without many rights that have not been restored to her.

President of the Vojvodina Club Branislav Kostic said that it was time to resolve the issue of Vojvodina after 27 years.

"Our goal is for Vojvodina to be a republic, and to this end, we will come to such walks, talks and elections," Kostić said, broadcasted by Radio Television Vojvodina (RTV).

She said the Vojvodina club was against street violence and wanted to achieve its goals peacefully.

President of the Army of Republika Srpska, Aleksandar Odžić, said that Vojvodina should be a republic in federalized Serbia. "When Vojvodina becomes a republic, there will be no question as to whether to give her five or seven percent of the budget of the republic, but will have everything that her citizens have to make," Odzic said.

During their gathering, around 20 to 30 Serbia's right-wingers tried to break off the set, crushing with Serbian flags on the side, but the police departed, so the set ended without serious incidents.

On the occasion of the "Walk for Vojvodina", the organization of the Young Vojvodina said, in which it states that it was necessary to organize a marsh and not a walk. This organization hinted at the radicalization of the Vojvodina issue, broadcasted by RTV.

Mladá Vojvodina wrote the graphs of "Vojvodina = Catalonia" in several Vojvodina towns last week.

In Spain's election, held in Catalonia on Sunday, the majority in the regional assembly won the parties advocating Catalonia's independence.

Although they themselves argue that Vojvodina is a republic, with the right to legislative, executive and judicial power, the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) of Nenada Čanka did not join the walks.