The County State Attorney's Office in Rijeka issued a ruling on conducting an investigation against six people because of the suspicion that their position and powers were abused and that they were abusing their position and authority, which allowed a Rijeka shipyard to secure the property benefit from the 23,9 million kuna.

The State Attorney's Office announced on Monday night that there are suspicions that six of the Croatian nationals (1951, 1948, 1959, 1943, 1956 and 1951.) Committed these criminal offenses by 3. September 2007. to 8. December 2009. in Rijeka, Zagreb and Pula, and that the first suspect, as a responsible person in the general direction of the insurance company in Zagreb, agreed, approved and participated in the conclusion and payment of the insurance policies securing the costs of seizing the sinking vessel of the Rijeka shipyard in bankruptcy.
He did this even though it was no longer the interest of an insurance company as well as the legal basis, ie the search for the four suspects and the pet suspects, as responsible persons in the shipyard, together with the second head of the branch office in Rijeka and the third-named director of the sector of the insurance sales of the Rijeka branch.

Thus, a total of 23,9 million kuna was paid to the insured person, the seventh suspect shipyard from Rijeka in bankruptcy.

The suspect is also suspected of being in 2009 in January. , with the intent to reduce the incurred damages to the insurance company in Zagreb, prompted the sixty-second chairman of the reinsurance company's management to take on recognized and paid damages under the insurance policy for the cost of removing the vessel.

He did so even though the sixth suspect knew that the insurance policy had already recognized and paid the damage on the basis of the costs of taking the sinking vessel and that the compensation paid was reimbursed and reimbursed and paid out under the same reinsurance premium.

Thus, the insurance company from Zagreb allowed re-recognition and reimbursement of the reinsurance amount of 9,3 million kuna by omitting the retirement insurance policy to be transferred to a foreign reinsurer, thereby damaging the reinsurance company, according to a statement by the State Attorney's Office, which does not include more detailed data on suspects or the shipyard .

According to the media, at that time bankruptcy in the Rijeka area was the only shipyard Viktor Lenac, and in June 2007. in Martinšćica, because of technical failure, sank by the 7, so it is speculated that this is a case study.