Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic blamed his former deputy Sandra Švaljek for resettlement of the Zagreb ATP tournament in Sofia because he "did not allocate funds to Zagreb Indoors in the 2015 budget. year ".

"The deputy I authorized to change me for six months while I was away is not in the 2015 budget. added funds to Zagreb Indoors and unfortunately Zagreb Indoors went to Sofia, "Milan Bandic said on Wednesday during a press conference on the occasion of the first Winter Fair and exhibition of autochthonous products.

The mayor of Zagreb did not fail to point out that the Zagreb Indoors tennis tournament, the Hanžeković Memorial athletics and the Snow Queen Trophy trophy will be held as long as he leads the city.

"I said yes, but what can I do now? I can not help, I can not retrograde my budget when I was not there. Where luck is that this is not included in the budget. But we still have Snow Queen, Hanzekovic's memorial remains, Zagreb Marathon remains on Sunday. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to change it, "Bandic said, responding to the journalist question and added that City of Zagreb participated somewhere with 35 percent in the costs of the tournament and that the rest were covered by the sponsors.