The best Croatian tennis player Marin Čilić has been in the fourth quarter of the ATP tournament in Tokyo, he is meeting 2. the wheel mastered Steve Johnsons with 6-3, 6-3 for the hour and 14 minutes of the game.

To win against Johnsona in their first mutual duel, Cicic arrived without losing the gem to his initial kick, while three times took away his rival service.

Although both sets ended with the 6-3 result, Čilić had far more problems in the first and the second. In the first section of the match, our tennis player was faced with five "break-balls", three rescued from 2-0, just after making the only break in the set, and two more at 5-3 when he served for the set.

The second set was much lighter, Cilic in his four service-gems lost a total of three points, twice to deprived Johnson's service twice. For the first time in the first set of games, and the second time the American used to stay in the game.

Chile will play in the quarter-finals against home-based player Keija Nishikorija, the title defender, currently the sixth player in the world and another holder in Tokyo.

Chile and Nishikori have been meeting nine times so far, Japan leads with 6-3, and has won the only year-long duel in Washington but the most important one-off match in the final of last year's US Open was Chile.