Ante Starčević's party, HSP, said that as part of the future Government of the Domestic Coalition, it would seek the annulment of the space rental contract in the Zagreb Tower, which would greatly burden the budget of the Republic of Croatia.
Their statement signed by the Presidency of the HSP AS Jozo Rogošić is transferred in its entirety:

After full three and a half years Kukurik The government led by Zoran Milanovic pulled the last kuna from the impoverished Croatian families, over the past few months we witness the behaviors of a new extreme behavior that reminds us of the Pomegranate Santa Claus who shares the gifts he does not have in order to got some political points ahead of the upcoming elections. This is also confirmed by the synchronized action between one of the most talented Milanovic's minister, Mihaela Zmajlovic, who, in his example, started shopping for political points and his orderer Milanovic. And while Milanovic's election program is based on the 200 kuna's electricity bill, Zmajlović plays a co-financing plan for buying home appliances in the amount of 800 kuna for the 10 of thousands of such devices.

As Minister Zmajlovic is scattered with state money, we are well acquainted with the affair when he made it
damaging lease of a private business space in Zagreb Tower. This was the work of Minister Zmajlovic from state-owned, expensive private premises that moved four institutions dealing with nature protection and the environment: the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature, the State Institute for Nature Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. After resigning ministers, the total rental cost went up to more than 14 million, making the state budget extra burdensome for additional 5 million.

Minister Zmajlovic is on 22. the floor of this luxurious business skyscraper welcomed an office of size 112 m2 with a meeting room and a private bathroom, all so that the minister could refresh and shower at any time.

Director of Environmental Protection Fund Sven Miller also has a bathroom, and before coming to the Ministry, he was the director of Porr Hrvatska, a domestic subsidiary of the Austrian company that was one of the investors of the Zagreb Tower building and then member of the Stipić Group Management Board who was a contractor. In order to keep everything secret, the Lease Agreement between Zmajlovic's Ministry of Environmental Protection and Europolis Zagreb Tower contains a clause of secrecy, so he treated the whole business as a "secret document".

Another controversial item of lease agreement is one that obliges the Ministry to pay the lessor three and a half million kunas if Europolis Zagreb Tower decides to terminate the contract. Because of the "Zagreb Tower" affair, former Environmental Protection Agency director Neven Voća resigned.

Zmajlovic's deputies were advocating the redeployment of two state buildings in Krajina Street, which would have been considerably cheaper than the long-term lease payments according to the compiled budgets. The investment in the adaptation of space in Krajiška would be paid for several years, and the facilities would remain permanently and totally free of charge for use in the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Ante Starcevic HSP as part of the future Government of the Domestic Coalition will seek the annulment of such a harmful
a contract for leasing space in Zagreb Tower, which heavily burdens the Croatian budget. By canceling the said contract, you will save at least 10 million of the state budget. We believe that Croatia will achieve comprehensive dynamic development and prosperity only if a fair and accountable approach saves on every budget item in the budget and if development projects are launched. We in HSP Dr. Ante Starčević are not scorned with false statements about morality and honesty, but with our dedicated work and honesty we will prove that he loves and respects the Croatian homeland.