The Party For The City is probably the computer on how to accuse them of sexism because of their election motto "Politics should have balls".

Because, since that moment, that Zagreb party shows that with the balls there is also the mind and meaning of political marketing.

A non-paying slogan is not successful. And every criticism of that slogan is welcome, especially if it is loud and missed at the same time. The only thing that opens them up is the fact that stories and slogans are more and more stories. And if they knew how to talk, and what they already got ready and new: Let's show their sizies.

But accusing the Party for the City of Sexism because of the messages in which sexual terms play is multiple missed. But it is unusual how the targeted urban provocation of Zagreb's urban guerrillas "pulled" a portal that claims to promote gender and gender equality and democracy.

It is not the first time that Libela's marketing messages with sexual connotation are condemned to the manuscripts of the Middle Ages, but this time they surpassed themselves. From so much gadacy in this political campaign, this slogan is called the biggest swine - it is inexplicably evil. Although they are engaged in sexual liberties, Libel does not allow different interpretations of sexual terms.

Instead of publishing texts that defend, they publish texts that condemn. Rather than focusing on the position of an enlightener, they act as moral persecutors.

Sex can certainly make fun of them, but it is not necessary to talk about sex. While others condemn the spread of sexual and gender stereotypes, these stereotypes are not perceived by themselves.

In the Croatian language tradition, the person having the balls has the courage. And this term for a long time in Croatian society does not mean that this brave person is at the same time a man.

If someone thinks that a person with a fungus can only be a man, then there is a person who experiences it, and not the one who expresses it. Like beauty in the eyes of the observer, such are the prejudices. They are often seen where they do not even exist. For a long time in our language (and society, especially politics) are not synonymous with testicles.

And Libela, if it is already faithful to its principles, should also wonder if the person with the testicles is necessarily a man.

For what if Iva Kvakić is a transgender person? What if she really, and not just figuratively, has herbs? It will clutter how Libela was condemned only by its name and appearance. Is not the prejudice to think that a woman can not have balls?

The author of Libre's text, Ivi Kvakić, on her facebook profile, complains that "politics should have spikes and not balls".

If they were to look at Libel's standards, they could conclude that policy-making allowed only to physically healthy people whose backbone was not injured, damaged, or functional.

But we are not so mischievous that we would not know what the author of the text on Libel thought when he wrote how to deal with politics "needs to have a spin".

As the Libelle author should not be so exclusive that he does not allow Iaki Kvakić to praise his flies. Why do not the Libels allow the possibility that they really have them?

At Libelia, they know enough about the Party for the City to estimate how they do not raise or rob them with gender stereotypes. With them, they are only efficacious. Humor has been more prejudiced than anger.

They have to guess what would Libel say to a sexist who is a trainer of triathlon, playing drums, preparing excellent beers and a real beer in his garage on the grill? (except you probably mistakenly think that it was not their reader)

We will not guess, but we will go to that garage on Monday. But not because of sex or sexual orientation, but because of the head of a young person who does not intend to have only two exclusive poles in politics. And how the balls are not only reserved for men. At least the Libel should have appreciated this fight.

Every honor and fever, hips and spine, but Croatia can best help clear savvy, great knowledge and cold brain. Mud has been shown by Iva Kvakić, but we will question her with the names of all three genres.

They mostly need our politicians. And not just them.