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    Daily Archives: 8. November 2019.

    City proposes new prices for waste disposal: They ask Do you agree with the proposal?

    Press Release Regarding Reference to Public Consultation of the Decision on Amendments to the Decision on the Method of Providing a Public Mixed Collection Service ...

    One hundred ELEN bottlers opened

    Exactly 112 years since Zagreb received electricity, Mayor Milan Bandic and HEP CEO Frane Barbarić demonstrating charging ...

    President: Children are big victims of the refugee wave!

    An 30 conference was held today at the Old Town Hall. Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - an international document ...

    Open Honey Days

    Today they are 17. Mayor Milan Bandic and President of the Croatian Beekeeping Association Zeljko Vrbos inaugurate the Zagreb Honey Days in the main city square.

    Bandic is promoting Saturday's MMA show at the Arena

    On the eve of tomorrow's spectacle of mixed martial arts at the Zagreb Arena, Mayor Milan Bandic today received Martin with his associates in the City Administration building ...