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    Daily Archives: 14. March 2019.

    Workers of Zrinjevac are ready for Floraart

    At Zagreb's Kajzerica, in the Zrinjevac nursery, these days are particularly busy, cheerful and busy. Namely, preparations for 54 have begun. Floraart, the largest ...

    Vasilij Jordan died

    Jordan left Jordan in 85. year. The great painter and artist of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb ...

    Zagrebačka špica - Flowers breaks black

    Recorded in Zagreb 7. September 2019. http://dalje.com/fotogalerije/spica-spice-spica-cvjetnom-20-05-2017/

    The bassist died Dubravko Vorih

    On the occasion of the death of prominent bassist Dubravka Voriha, Mayor of Milan Milan Bandic sent a telegram of condolence to the family, which among other things states:

    And Zagreb will be home to St. Patrick's Day

    Annual celebration of St. Patrick, National Day of Ireland, organized by Tourism Ireland will include a number of places around the world and in Croatia ....