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Portal allows you to use the services and content of your portal according to the Terms of Use below. Terms of Use apply to all content and services of

By using any part of the Portal and all its parts, it is considered that users are familiar with these conditions and all the risks arising from the use of this website and accept the content and platform of this site exclusively for personal use and at its own risk.


AUTORY RIGHTS portal consists of its own content, content of news agencies, honorary associates, business or media partners and advertisers. Content can also be posted by registered users of the portal club.

Users and authors who publish content on the portal will allow Tomislav Galović as the owner of the portal (brand, cms, domain, content) unlimited rights to publish and distribute such content (textual, visual and audio material, database and developer code) it has not been agreed otherwise with the owners of the copyright. Unauthorized use of any part of the portal without the permission of the copyright owner is therefore considered a violation of the copyright of the portal and is subject to a lawsuit.


The Javno Association as a publisher of portal in good faith and intent ensures the use of the portal content. All visitors have the right to use the content free of charge unless they violate the rules of use. reserves the right to change and terminate any content or services on the portal without prior notice. In addition to its own content on the portal there is also the advertiser content and links to other sites.

You use all the content of the portal at your own risk and can not be held liable for any damages resulting from use.

The business relationship between visitors and advertisers on and out of the portal is a matter of business and visitor agreement. is not responsible for any damages caused by its advertising on its portal.

PRIVACY OF USERS respects the privacy of its users and portal visitors. Data from the registration process and other user information, will not be disclosed to the third party. User data will not be available to a third party unless such obligation is regulated by law. may, in accordance with the law, collect specific customer information obtained during the use of the portal (exclusively computer data and Internet provider data). This information is used by to have the information to improve the portal and its contents additionally targeted and tailored to the audience that visits it. also has Google ad slots on the portal, which can also get some information on portal users via the ad code, and also solely for the purpose of improving its ad content. Google collects these data when collecting such data Privacy Policy . is committed to protecting the privacy of the portal user, except in the event of a serious violation of the portal or illegal user activity.


Users of portal are strictly forbidden:

publishing, sending, and sharing content that violates existing Croatian and / or international laws, content that is offensive, vulgar, threatening, racist or chauvinistic.

publishing, sending, and exchanging information that a visitor knows or assumes are false and whose use could cause harm to other users

false representation or representation on behalf of another legal or natural person

consciously publishing, sending, and exchanging content that contains viruses or similar computer files or programs designed to destroy or limit the work of any computer software and / or hardware and telecommunications equipment

collecting, storing and publishing personal information of other portal and user visitors


By signing in to the portal club, users are granted certain rights that do not have other portal visitors listed on the club pages. A member of the club can become a visitor who passes the registration process.

The user can only register with the club with his / her real name and surname. Exceptions to this policy may only be approved by the Director, Webmaster, or Portal Editor.

For all published content under a particular username, only the user who uses it is responsible. reserves the right to terminate or deny access to the account and / or one or more services for which the user is registered without prior notice and / or explanation. is not responsible for the damage resulting from the abolition of the user account and / or one or more of the services for which the user is registered.

CHANGES OF CONDITIONS OF USE reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and will not be liable for the possible consequences of such changes. These changes will take effect by publishing on these web sites.