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    54 opened. Floraart

    54 is open ceremony. the edition of the largest regional floraart flower exhibition. The Zagreb Bundek will be in the next six days, from 16. to 21. May, become ...

    Workers of Zrinjevac are ready for Floraart

    At Zagreb's Kajzerica, in the Zrinjevac nursery, these days are particularly busy, cheerful and busy. Namely, preparations for 54 have begun. Floraart, the largest ...

    PHOTO: International Garden Exhibition "Floraart"

    The International Garden Show "Floraart" can be seen today (on Sunday). It started on Monday, 8. May, and in a week's time attracted numerous ...

    Flowers at Bundek, free lectures in the Botanical Garden

    From 30. May to 5. June Bundek Lake will be a real floral idyll. The reason for this is the largest international horticultural exhibition in ...