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    The Red Cross invites citizens to come in warm clothes and footwear

    The Croatian Red Cross invites all citizens who, in these cold days, lack the warm clothes and shoes to come to the nearest society of the Red Cross ...

    In the shelter in Kosnica there are places for even the 50-homeless person

    Zvonko Mlinar, head of the Croatian Red Cross Crossborder Advisor, said on Monday that there are 102 users in the shelter, there are still places ...

    Give your blood and you will get a Snow Queen Trophy ticket

    The last days of blood supply have fallen significantly - they report from the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine (HZTM). The reason is more accidents and operations, but less ...

    "UNICEF" provided equipment and education worth over a million kuna

    In crisis situations, children need the greatest help and support. By acquiring equipment and investing in education programs "UNICEF" has supported the State Protection and ...