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    Animafest invites you to report your work on Animation goes MSU!

    Animafest Zagreb, in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art, announces an open call for troupe-specific site-specific animated works for the duration of successful co-operation with 2012.

    "Animafest Zagreb" chose a twenty-two-year-old composer for making spades and teasers

    From the 43 application, it arrived at the international contest for making 27 sweets and teasers. releases of the World Animated Film Festival - "Animafest Zagreb" from 19 ...

    Zagreb is again the center of world animation

    Animated Film Festival - Animafest Zagreb, the only Croatian A-festival, whose Grand Prix winners directly qualify for the Oscar prize in short-film competition, again ...

    Animation comes to you: Animation Goes MSU!

    Ususret only Croatian film festival A category, World Animated Film Festival, Multimedia Facade MSU invites you to stop thinking about animation as a ...

    From an animated drought to a chilled wolf - a guide through Animafest

    In the huge offer of over the 300 movies, this year's great animated program of the World Animation Film Festival is intended for children and young people. Carefully ...

    26. Animafest of 6. to 11. June in Zagreb

    Extremely Rich and Attractive, 26. the edition of the Animated Film Festival - Animafest Zagreb, will be back from 6. to 11. June Zagreb to make world center ...